Rabbi Linhart's message stating that he is supporting the scientific struggle carried out against Darwinism.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Aba TV and Kocaeli TV dated December 11th, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR:Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Linhart; By the leave of Allah the One and the True God.  Knowing that you are fighting against the teachings of Evolutions" He means the struggle against evolutionist, Darwinist way of thinking, to demolish Darwinism. ".. which I do share with you; I would like to share something I read in one of our Jewish books, on Creation, and I am sure that you, your followers and your viewers will enjoy to hear the words of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour. Please reassure my Muslim brothers and sisters that their Jewish Brothers and sisters do share the same believe when it comes to Creation and Allah's awesome power!"

So he says; 'we do believe in One Allah and that Allah had created directly, not through evolution. He says that this is a definitive truth in Judaism and he kindly asks us to give that information.   

"My God continue to bless you with health strength and perseverance to continue your sacred mission. Sincerely, with much respect and love, Rabbi Mordechai Moshe Linhart" Insha'Allah.  Our friend has written a long fact leading to faith Masha'Allah. I will read it not today but in our next program insha'Allah.

2011-03-22 19:24:48

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