It would be unjust to declare the entire community of Knights Templar and Freemasons guilty because there are a few people with anti-Islamic views and who are shedding blood among them.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated July 25th  2011

ADNAN OKTAR:When Knights Templar started to feel sympathy for Islam, when they started to grasp that Islam is the just religion, when it was felt that they [Knights Templar] would communicate that Islam is a religion of love and not a religion of savagery as depicted, the system of anti-christ (dajjal) immediately started to assign its people. In their own way they think they will close this path by ordering, a bad lot affiliated with anit-christ (dajjal), to come out and commit a massacre and thus showing the Templars in this light. That is, in their own eyes, they have developed an attack assuming that they can stop the domination of Islam over the world. This is a futile attempt; as you witnessed Knights Templar came here, they are full of love towards Muslims. They visit mosques, they fulfill their observances, read the Qur'an, try to learn Islam and they are in favor of peace and brotherhood. Consequently, without having the full picture, it would not be appropriate for a Muslim to communicate the message that all Knights Templar are sanguinaries, cruel, anti-Islam and enemies. In this case, the other party comes out and says, "Muslims are sanguinaries and cruel." In this instance, they start to make such a propaganda. Just how a person born with Islamic identity who sheds blood, creates anarchy and resorts to terror cannot be considered as an example to Muslims, a blood shedding, terrorist identifying themselves as Knight Templar or Freemason, also cannot be an example for Freemasons or Knights Templar. This does not make us reject them entirely. There are surely irreligious, atheist, anti-Islam Knights Templar and Freemasons and those among them who want to set Muslims against each other. But there are also the good ones. Just as how there are the good and evil ones among Muslims, there are also the good and evil among them. One needs to distinguish between them. Therefore it is essential to pursue a unifying, conciliatory, peaceful policy that will eliminate enmity and enable them to love Islam. It would be wrong to stir up [enmity]. That is, declaring an enormous community, the community of Freemasons, the entire community of Knights Templar as anti-Islam would benefit the anti-christ (dajjal). Let's not be deceived by such a scheme. Let us make them love Islam, the Qur'an and approach Muslims, so that they can also comprehend the Qur'an and see that the Qur'an is the religion of peace and the source of Islam.

PRESENTER: Yesterday Master,we presented the news report of a serial killer who murdered almost 100 children and young people in Norway. You also stated that he is also affiliated with an organization of the kind of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization.

ADNAN OKTAR:That was what I was talking about.

PRESENTER: Insha'Allah. In his social network site he mentions Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Erbakan and states that Turkey experiences a social and political awakening and in case Turkey becomes a member of the EU, it would be the biggest country of the club. He further adds that EU's destiny rests upon the decision of whether Turkey will be included or not. He also comments: "If we do not want our lands to be captured by Turks as in the case of the past by the Ottomans, we must fight against Turks."

ADNAN OKTAR:Notice that again the root of the action ultimately ends up in us, the Science Research Foundation, Harun Yahya works and activities. This means that some of the Freemasons and Knights Templar are very much disturbed by this incident, the prevalence of Islam over the world. A great majority of Templars and Freemasons have started to feel sympathy and love for Islam. They have grasped that Islam will disseminate across the world. Do you see the screech? That means that our influence shakes the world. We quietly shake the world. We shake Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, everywhere. This is how they experience the shock; its fluctuations, its repercussion, its reflection.

Notice that the man tells it out in the open; he mentions about the prevalence of Islam, the unity of Islam, the Turkish-Islamic Union; very plain. That means that we have obtained some results. When we hit from here, the man jumped there. Notice that he has become extremely angry; he has gone mad. He goes to the extremes of madness, of psychopathy to the point of killing people. The matter is the unity of Islam and the Turkish Islamic Union. While the bigots here try to stop the unity of Islam, the bigots there are also hand in hand to stop the Turkish-Islamic Union. Consequently we exclude the sincere Templars and Freemasons. We appreciate and encourage the love they feel for Islam. We wish guidance for them from Allah but we also hope that they can get rid of the trouble makers among them. Indeed they are cleaning them. This is not an incident that requires casting off all Freemasons and Templars. Freemasons, Templars, they will all be the followers of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), followers of the Mahdi (pbuh). Islam will prevail over the world with a smiling face, love, peace and brotherhood. Not a drop of blood will be shed, all weapons and arms industry will be eliminated. Peace, security and ease will dominate the world. "Slim" means Islam, peace. The world will be a country of peace and every corner of the world will attain peace, abundance and prosperity.

2011-07-30 23:42:47

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