The stone and tree informing Muslims about secret information which is foretold in the excellent description of our Prophet (saas) is occurring right now, in the End Times.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on Gaziantep Olay TV dated November 27th 2010

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prophet (saas) states; "As long as Muslims do not make war with Jews, the Day of Judgment does not come.” They made war with Jews in Palestine. The Six-Day War. An event of a tremendous nature. Jews fought against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. This hadith came true. This happened. “As long as Muslims do not make war with Jews, the Day of Judgment does not come.” Again in another hadith it is related; “Each stone, each tree will say, ‘O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me, come and murder him.’” I previously made the interpretation of this hadith several times; I explained it. Now first of all a person is punished for the particular crime he commits. Assume that we encounter a Jewish kid behind a stone. An innocent, little kid. He simply stands there with his belly out in the open. And the stone addresses us: “Look, there is a Jewish kid right here. Kill him!” This is voice of satan. We do not comply with it, for it is a halicunation tempting one to murder. This is not right. What would we do? We can determine by means of a, for example an electronic equipment, whether there is a Jew or something against religion behind us. It may be behind the stone; it may be stone or something else, and that equipment alerts us. We can locate people’s location by means of electronic communication. But our purpose would not be to kill; only to render him ineffective. If he is a Jew that can give harm, an irreligious, atheist Jew who does not abide by Torah and the Qur’an. Because in the Torah too persecution against Muslims is prohibited. According to the Torah Jews must consider Muslims as the descents of Noah. What is the descent-of-Noah? A Muslim, a believer. Because every Jew considers a Muslim as a descent of Noah and sees him as a believer, it is unlawful for him to give harm to his life, possessions and honour. He can not touch them but apart from that if he is a Jew inflicting persecution, then stones, trees, all sorts of materials, which can be furniture or anything else; they will inform us about it by means of micro cameras, technical equipment. Thereby we will locate that material and render it ineffective. “Killing” here means making it ineffective in the ideological sense. For instance this also holds true for Hazrat Mahdi (as); he kills the system of dajjal (anti-Christ). He kills dajjal, he kills his ideology. This is killing in the ideological sense. It is killing the ideas; not killing in the physical sense Insha'Allah. Therefore the phenomena of stone and tree providing information to Muslims already occurs at the End Times.

We suggested that in order to locate the enemies in the southeast of Turkey, micro-cameras be placed to help the struggle carried out by Turkish soldiers [there]. Where can you place these micro-cameras? Within a stone. Where is the camera placed? If you are carrying out a covert struggle against the enemy, it must be placed within the stone. Or you must place it within a tree so as not to make it discernable. Through revelation, our Prophet (saas) outstandingly presages the perfect way of establishing a covert intelligence network by means of an impeccable technology. This only happens in the End Times, in our day. This does not hold true only for Jews but for an atheist Jew, an atheist [known as a] Christian, an atheist [known as a] Muslim as well; if he has committed persecution and caused pain, if he commits murder, then we must determine him. Our Prophet (saas) told one aspect of it; one part of it. From that part we get hold of the full picture. Our Prophet (saas) speaks in a concise manner. That means, at the time of struggle, at a time of self-defense, a Muslim will obtain such secret information at the End Times by means of this system. For instance our Prophet (saas) says: “People will look at their palms and see Hazrat Mahdi (as).” That has happened now. There are the ipods, telephones etc. When one looks at his palm, he sees a person there. This has happened. This is what is meant Insha’Allah. There is now also the incident of seeing image on finger. Allah knows the truth, it seems that it will also happen. It appears that it will actually happen insha’Allah…

2011-08-22 16:11:19

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