Palestinians and Israelis are the sons of a Prophet father. Hatred is an awful thing; one should always approach others with love, compassion and mercy.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated August 10th, 2011

MS.BETUL:There is a picture here and I would like to show it to you if you allow me. Following the explosion in which 30 people have been martyred in Iraq, Bagdad, everywhere was drenched in blood, Master. Even in a mosque, Muslims are killing Muslims, this is the photo we have insha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: This, for instance, is a separate disgrace all its own. A separate ruse of satan's. Satan is mocking people, playing games with them. How can one Muslim bomb another? Are you crazy? There is a five-year-old, sweet little Jewish girl and this one kills her and say "I have acted like a hero". Your actions are disgraceful; you are following the satan, you fool. You will go to the lowest place in Hell -may Allah forbid- and receive your just deserts there. Don't be a fool.

People are all servants of Allah; how beautiful and sweet they are. This sweet one here for instance is a Serb, a very sweet person, a lovely creature. Why should I be her enemy? I would love her, feel love for her. I would pray for her well-being, I pray Allah to guide her. Why should she be destroyed or badly off? What kind of a mentality this is, I fail to understand. Theirs is a mulish hatred. Once they get it into their heads.. But a Muslim is not vindictive. He is not filled with hate. He is forgiving and compassionate. And hating people who have nothing to do with anything is a terrible cruelty. If someone has committed a crime, that person would be punished with whatever he has done, insha'Allah.

Ms.BETUL: Insha'Allah. Master, there are pictures of some very sweet Jewish kids. Shall I show them to you?

ADNAN OKTAR: Let me see.  [Looking at pictures of Jewish children]What a sweet thing this is. Look at him. What a pity! Innocent as anything. They are full of light. It would be a pity to harm those in anyway. Look at that expression.. Look, they are so sweet, masha'Allah. They are Allah's servants, innocent people. Feeling hatred for them [these Jewish kids] is a vile thing to do. Look at that radiance, that loveliness. How utterly cute! Sweet as honey and cream all mixed up. Look at those faces. All happy as anything, masha'Allah.


Look, a face like a red apple. She looks so cute, her nose cute enough to eat. Masha'Allah. The sweetest things in the world, masha'Allah.

Hatred is a terrifying thing. One must always treat people with love and affection and compassion. Saying; "these ones did this and that to us.." Well, my brother, in that case there will be nobody left in the world at all. Things would not resolve with that mentality. Saying; "Revenge, revenge, revenge" .. And then what? Almighty Allah says if someone has done evil to you, you respond to evil with good, and then you would see that the person who has done evil to you has returned to you and become a good person. There is a verse of the Qur'an about that. Constant hatred is no good. For example, if you were to tell the Jews, "my brothers, of course you can live there, it is the land of your fathers. Why should you not live there? Let us open the borders and tear down the walls…" And the Palestinians as well.. One side is the sons of Ishmael and the other is the son of Israel. Both sides are descended from prophets. Children of the same father. Children of the same prophet father. Arabs are the children of Ishmael and our Jewish brothers are the children of Israel. What is the problem? There is boundless land there, all lovely. Let them go to Jordan and settle everywhere. Let them come to Turkey, they are all welcome. What is there to make a problem out of that? The Palestinians are living all cramped up, as if on tiny islands. What is the need for that? What need is there for police checkpoints? For military checkpoints. Get rid of them and let them live at ease. .

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