New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (15 October 2012)


(According to a news report by the daily Sunday Telegraph, Lahkhdar Brahimi, the UN peace envoy to Syria, is planning to form a peace force of three thousand soldiers in Syria. In the news report, it is claimed that the Western countries will resist this opinion saying that Syria is not Libya and the entry of  European soldiers in the region may be perceived as a military intervention of the West in the region.)

This is not something to worry about, they will just blockade the country from the sea and the land. This would have a very positive psychological impact. It would also be a good opportunity for the government to withdraw and for Assad to save his life. For instance, the force in question can say, “We side with Assad and we will protect him.” Then Assad will feel extremely relieved. He can run away by a helicopter and save his life, or five or ten choppers can land in that region where he lives and take him. He probably feels very uneasy because of the crime ring. He is a captive in his hands.


(A buffer zone with a new camp is being formed on the Syrian border. In this camp which is located in the village of Kah,  which is very close to the Turkish border, five thousand people will live. The refugees state that they feel secure, for there is a military region only 30 kilometers from the camp.)

But of course in case of an attack, the refugees must be defended immediately. It would be beneficial to enter inside  Syria and form a military line. This has nothing to do with invasion, it is a measure to protect the citizens there. Nobody would like to see the division of Syria, no one sets his eyes on the Syrian lands, but if there is a problem about security of lives, and those people vigorously call for help, then we cannot say, “Let’s think about it for a moment.”

The system of Mahdi has enclosed everywhere. Notice that even the state policy is designed according to the system of Mahdi. Allah designs the foreign policies of America and Israel in compliance with the system of Mahdi. The Arab Spring is in fact the Spring of the system of Mahdi, but one needs to look carefully in order to see.


Turkey is the country that ranks the first in the number of people who believe in Hazrat Mahdi (as). Then comes Iraq.

In the hadith, it is stated that the scholars from Kufa will love him very much. There is a eference to Iraq here, as you will notice. But the actual homeland of Hazrat Mahdi (as) is Turkey and our Prophet (saas) praised Turkey. 65 percent of Turkish people believe that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear.


2012-11-20 10:28:34

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