New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 October 2012)


(The world press covered the news regarding Fazıl Say’s being put on trial for insulting religious values. The French Daily La Figaro ran the  headline, “Fazıl Say: The pianist with whom Islamist Turks are obsessed” while the British Daily Financial Times said that the trial was seen by some of his supporters as a test of the resilience of the country’s secular system. Italian daily Corrieredella Sera stated that, following the recent report of the European Union about Turkey, another example of curbing of the freedom of speech in Turkey is demonstrated by Fazıl Say’s appearance before the court, and he is known to be an atheist.)

The guy blasphemed all believers in Allah and openly says, “I insult anyone who believes in Allah.” And he says unutterable words against them. What shall we say, shall we thank him? What will the courts, laws do, will they grant a plaque to him? Then everyone would affront one another? Then why are there tens of thousands of defamation cases in Europe? They should withdraw all of them then. The French, Italians, Germans. There are tens of thousands of defamation cases in their courts. Then they should withdraw them all, since defamation is OK. They need to reflect a little bit. These Marxist authors or others, why do they prosecute when one insults them? “A test of the resilience of the country’s secular system.” This is not acceptable. What is its relation with secularism? No one can insult one another, this is the issue. This is a law accepted worldwide. Insults are prohibited everywhere. What is its relation with laity? When one is secular, can they enjoy unlimited freedom of insult? They think in a very superficial manner, they do not know these issues.


No results can be obtained by beating or insulting others. No results can be accomplished other than through ideological struggle. Communism is the  greatest philosophical movement of history. It is the greatest anti-Christ movement. You can defeat it only by science, knowledge, information and philosophy. 

2012-11-20 10:32:35

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