New Statements by Mr Adnan Oktar (29 October 2012)


(China has stepped up its oppression of the Uighur Turks in East Turkestan on the pretext that they are going to join the ranks of the opposition in Syria.)

They said they had stopped doing that. They promised me they had stopped. If this is true, we must learn about it from our Chinese brothers. If there is any evidence, we must make the fullest use of it.


(Russian head of state Vladimir Putin stated that he would travel to Turkey for the high-level Cooperation Summit in Turkey, postponed until December 3rd 2012. Speaking with Mr. Putin, Professor Hüseyin Bağcı, an expert on international relations, said that he regarded the future of Turkish-Russian relations as a very bright one, and continued; “Great care must be taken over Turkish-Russian relations. Russia does not want any problems in its relations with Turkey. Putin does not want any.”)

Putin is a highly intelligent person. He is very high-quality and of good character. The best use must be made of Putin, such a person will not easily come this way again. He is very strong, masha’Allah. He is full of love for his nation and protects and watches over its interests. He has a genuine affection for Muslims. He favors goodness and honesty. He is open to rational, affectionate and respectful language. For one thing, the Russian nation is a very fine one. That nation needs to be given its due respect. Relations with Russia are vital, the key to Islamic Unity. We must look at Russia as the protector of Islamic Unity. Because he is in favor of sovereignty, Putin has a historic role to play in Islamic Unity and Turkish-Islamic Union. He will assume a historic role, insha’Allah. We need to treat Putin with affection. We need to properly appreciate his worth, insha’Allah.


(In response to a mail from a reader boasting of his antipathy toward colored people)

Your words are utterly disgraceful, a violation of good conscience. Do you realize that? It is so ugly. Do you know what Allah will do to you in the hereafter? Do you know what will become of you? He boasts of his antipathy towards colored people. What a terrible thing. It is a kind of sickness. There are people like that in America, racists. There are those who dislike Turks, or Jews or Christians. Your attitude is senseless. You must see the best in everything. Bilal the Abyssinian was black. Most of the Companions were colored. You must fear Allah. How can you talk like that? So who knows what you would what say to Bilal the Abyssinian if you saw him? Who knows what you would say to the Companions of the Prophet if you saw them? Your words are unbecoming.



2012-12-04 11:17:18

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