New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 25 November 2012)


Surat at-Tawba, verse 48

They have already tried to cause conflict before, and turned things completely upside down for you, until the truth came and Allah’s command prevailed even though they detested it.

Some people always seek mischief. They incessantly stir up vileness. They do not look for love, peace and brotherhood but when there is mischief, they indulge in it. Conflicts, setting one person against another, committing immorality, hatching plots, various ruses. There are such people; that is how their nature is, they hatch plots. There will be such incidents against our Prophet (saas) and Hazrat Mahdi (as). “...until the truth came and Allah’s command prevailed even though they detested it” Although they don’t want the descent of Hazrat Mahdi (as), “truth came” Hazrat Mahdi (as), Prophet Jesus (as) came, “...and Allah’s command prevailed”. What is the command of Allah? The reign of Islam, the Unity of Islam. The abjad calculation gives the number 2025. It is the triumph of Islam in  the world, insha’Allah. Notice that it says, “...and Allah’s command prevailed”; that it is to say, when Allah’s command appears, becomes dominant and renders other forces ineffective. This is a verse that explains Hazrat Mahdi (as). It also refers to our Prophet (saas) and the End Times.

Surat at-Tawba, verse 50

If good happens to you it galls them. If a mishap occurs to you, they say, ‘We made our preparations in advance,’ and they turn away rejoicing.

“If good happens to you it galls them,” says Allah.  Joy, goodness, beauty, all kinds of blessings, for instance beautiful people, beautiful cars, beautiful houses, youth, health, all of them. “If a mishap occurs to you,” for instance let’s assume an attack of unbelievers, a ruse, a plot.

 “‘We made our preparations in advance,’” that is to say, we were not with them, and they “...turn away rejoicing.” The fact is, he turns back and proceeds towards hell.

Surat at-Tawba, verse 51

Say: ‘Nothing can happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is Our Master. It is in Allah that the believers should put their trust.’

That is to say only those things predestined occur. And no matter what it may be, we respond to it with joy, and feel proud of it, for they are all created by Allah. Nothing occurs other than what is predestined. “'He is Our Master. It is in Allah that the believers should put their trust.’” For instance, we are speaking here. We have completed this speech. Why? It is in our destiny. But Allah shows it to us as if we have done it willingly while the fact is that even before I was born, I have finished this conversation.  In the time of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, when Prophet Moses (as) split the sea, I was speaking these words. I have finished this speech when the mud of Prophet Adam (as) was being prepared. This is how destiny is, insha’Allah.

Surat at-Tawba, verse 52

Say: ‘What do you await for us except for one of the two best things? But what we await for you is for Allah to inflict a punishment on you either directly from Himself or at our hands. So wait, we are waiting with you!’

For instance Allah may torment mankind by means of earthquakes, wars, right? “'But what we await for you is for Allah to inflict a punishment on you.'” In this world all the persecutors are punished, but in the hereafter, it will be more severe, surely. Insha’Allah.

Surat at-Tawba, verse 65

If you ask them they will say, ‘We were only joking and playing around.’ Say: ‘Would you make a mockery of Allah and of His Signs and of His Messenger?

Notice what Allah says about making jokes about the religion and faith related issues. “If you ask them they will say, ‘We were only joking and playing around.’ Say: ‘Would you make a mockery of Allah and of His Signs and of His Messenger?” This is a great scourge, there is nothing to laugh at . It is unlawful. A person who fears Allah does not do it. Can you tell a joke at the time of death? You can’t. Why are you telling it while alive, if you can’t do it while you are dying?

 Surat an-Naba, Verse 1

About what are they asking one another?

What are they asking at the End Times? Will Hazrat Mahdi (as) appear? Will Prophet Jesus (as) descend? When will the Day of Judgment come? Has  Al-Dabbat al-Ardh appeared?

Surat an-Naba, Verse 2

About the momentous news:

Says Allah. What is that great news? The Day of Judgment. What else can it be? The appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the descent t of Prophet Jesus (as).

Surat an-Naba, Verse 3

...the thing about which they differ.

They say many things about the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They say, “Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not come,”, “He appeared 300 years ago”, “He will appear as a collective personality”, “He will appear as a ghost.” ”...the thing about which they differ.” This is also the case with the Day of Judgment. As if there are years, hundreds of years until the Day of Judgment.

Surat an-Naba, Verse 4 and 5

No indeed! They will soon know!

Again, no indeed! They will soon know!

We say that there is at most ten years until Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as).

Surat an-Naba, Verse 18

 ...the Day the Trumpet is blown and you come in droves,

People come as the winds. Allah says that they will come in waves. For instance this is very weird.

Surat an-Naba, Verse 19

...and heaven is opened and becomes doorways,

Clouds open up ad doorways appear.

 Surat an-Naba, Verse 20

 ...and the mountains are shifted and become a mirage.

This is very meaningful. “Mirage” means image. “Mountains are shifted.” They melt, they disappear.

Surat an-Naba, Verse 21 and 22

Hell lies in wait –

a homecoming for the profligate

It is a last stop for those who insincerely deny Allah, although they know of Allah’s existence.  

Surat an-Naba, Verse 23

...remaining in it for countless eons,

It lasts for trillions of years. Again and again…”for countless eons”

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 1

By those who pluck out harshly,

For instance, if he is an unbeliever, he gives up his life with a deep pain.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 2

 ...and those who draw out gently,

If he is a believer, his soul is taken with ease, as a mild, gentle breeze.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 3

 ...and those who glide serenely,

 They swim away after taking lives. This is something else. This is a wisdom of Allah. They proceed as if swimming in water, Masha ‘Allah.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 6

 On the Day the first blast shudders,

That is to say, the day the Earth will be hit.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 7

 ...and the second blast follows it,

There will be two hits. A great meteor will hit the Earth first, and  will penetrate through it. But due to the force of gravity, it will hit the world once again. It will spin, turn around and hit the Earth again. After this hit, the world starts to turn to the other side.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 8

...hearts that Day will be pounding

Under the effect of the impact.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 9

...and eyes will be cast down.

It is said, “A tremendous fear will hold on their eyes” 

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 13 and 14

There will be but one Great Blast,

and at once they will be on the surface, wide awake!

They suddenly see themselves on the ground while they were under it but they scream with amazement; they scream because they feel amazed. They see that they are above the ground while they were under the grave. “...and at once they will be on the surface, wide awake!” But it is said that they proceed as if they were swimming.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 17

Go to Pharaoh – he has overstepped the limits –

Prophet Moses goes to Pharaoh. Allah says, “Go to the dajjal, he has become rampant.”

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 18-21

...and say: “Do you resolve to purify yourself. That is because he is filthy; both physically and spiritually.

I will guide you to your Lord  so that you may fear Him?”’

Then he showed him the Great Sign. Right now people see the miracles of the system of the Mahdi but they refute them. Just as in the time of Pharaoh, there are great miracles happening.

But he denied it and disobeyed; Our Prophet (saas) shows miracles one after another, but a great many people deny them, just like Pharaoh did.  

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 22

...and then he hastily backed away.

In our day, people make efforts against Hazrat Mahdi (as) saying Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not appear or Prophet Jesus (as) will not descend. And they struggle with all their might to cover up the miracles.

Surat an-Nazi’at, Verse 23

But then he rallied and called out,

Such people gather their people around them. They make effort with all their might. I see and hear this.

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