New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 22 April 2013)

Surat Az-Zukhruf, Verse 63

And when Jesus came with the clear signs, he said, ‘I have come to you with wisdom and to clarify for you some of the things about which you have differed. Therefore have piety of Allah and obey me.'

Jesus, the son of Mary, “...came with the clear signs”, so he came with the commandments of Allah and said, “I have come to you with wisdom and to clarify for you some of the things about which you have differed.” So people differ. The commandment of the Qur’an corrects people who have the wrong information. This doesn’t mean that there is a commandment of the Qur’an, but then Allah dislikes it and  changes it and then He dislikes it and changes it again; that is something out of question. If there is a commandment in the Qur’an then this is certain.

These people suspect that and say “Allah sends His command and then dislikes it – may Allah forbid -and sends another command.” This is absolutely not true. Why would the commandment of Allah  be cancelled? There is no commandment in the Qur’an which is not available. This is unbelievable. How dare you?

“The commandments that have been forgotten in the past” says Allah. “I will remind you of them or send you the better.” says Allah. The explanation of the verse is; during the wars going on in those days, Allah continuously showed His methods. These were brutal people, they were merciless, they performed night raids, they put  Muslims to the sword. Almighty Allah revealed to our Prophet (saas) about what they needed to do to cope with them. Our Prophet (saas) either made his decisions on his own or Allah sent His revelations to him. Of course, what he decided on his own was also inspired to him by Allah, but the other one was something entirely different; it was a direct revelation from Allah. Our Prophet (saas) was more relieved when Allah clarified things to him via revelation;   Revelation is always clear. For example, one morning our Prophet (saas) was thinking what he needed to do and then the verse came to him from Allah, which commanded him as to what he needed to do. Then he obeyed the command. This verse was about the war going on at those days, but now people mistakenly think that they need to implement this verse  everywhere.

2013-05-28 21:29:16

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