New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 May 2013)

Surat Taha, 15th verse

"The Hour is coming but I have concealed it so that every self can be repaid for its efforts."

Almighty Allah says, "The Hour is coming.” Why does Almighty Allah say that? Because [many people] are attached to this world. How? For example, he says, ‘We have a family cemetery, but the world stays put’. And Allah says, “Your family cemetery will go, your factories will disappear and you will rot, nothing will be left behind’. [When he hears that] then, his resistance fades.  Listen, “The Hour is coming.”  Humanity is still here, but the Day of Judgment  is drawing closer. It’s like a speeding car coming towards you. And when it comes and strikes,  Judgment Day starts.

Surat Taha, 25-26-27th 

He said, ‘O Lord, expand my breast for me

and make my task easy for me.

Loosen the knot in my tongue

The verses explaining how the Prophets are tested. Listen, “...expand my breast for me.” Many people think that the Prophets never have any difficulty. But see, he feels so weighed down he can barely talk. He says‘expand my breast for me’. He says ‘I feel overwhelmed’. That’s a test. He says ‘make my task easy for me, loosen the knot in my tongue’. It is a very difficult thing for a person when he's tongue - tied.  

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