New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (16 June 2013)


Back in the time of Companions, idolaters used to bully Companions. They used to say; “we will hang you, we will chop you up.” And the Companions said; “Bring it on.” What can you do? Only what Almighty God has ordained in destiny would happen. Who makes you say that? God is the One Who makes you say that. A Companion’s life would not end before his task is completed. They thought that they can kill them all, yet we saw that their lives have ended instead. They thought that they would take the lives of Companions, instead Almighty God took their own lives.  They have turned into living dead people. God killed them while they are still standing. Many of the idolaters have died while they are still afoot. They go to martyr our Prophet (saas), instead God kills them while they are still walking on their way. They go there as empty flesh and bones, as a body without a mind. Even if they remain, they lose all their strength, because they would be left mindless. They are thus defeated, as God takes away their minds. 

THERE ARE MANY WALKING DEAD AMONG PEOPLE. WHOEVER BECOMES HOSTILE TO GOD, WHOEVER BECOMES HOSTILE TO THE SAINTS OF GOD, GOD KILLS THEM WHILE THEY ARE STILL AFOOT. THEY DIE WHILE THEY ARE WALKING, WHILE THEY ARE EATING. YOU MIGHT THINK THAT THEY ARE ALIVE, BUT THEY ARE DEAD. THEY WOULDN’T EVEN BE AWARE THAT THEY ARE DEAD. THEIR FAMILIES WOULDN’T BE AWARE THAT THEY ARE DEAD. GOD TOSSES THEM RIGHT INTO THE HELL ALL OF A SUDDEN.  I mean God takes life out of the back of their necks and toss them right into the hell all of a sudden. But their body might still remain here. You might think that they are walking about, that they are speaking. But their minds are taken. People would say; “the light of his face has gone, something is wrong with him.” The fact is that person is dead. He would have a meaningless, empty gaze. Actually that means that person is dead.

2013-06-28 20:53:30

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