New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 June 2013)


The tougher the test a person is put through, the higher quality that person would attain. The easier the test is, the shoddier that person would be. I mean the toughness of the test is very-very favorable. For instance the Companions of our Prophet (saas) went through a very difficult test. They all became the sweetest ones of the world. The Companions of our Prophet (saas) were like bread; everyone loved them very dearly. They were all very perfect, they were really very perfect. They will all be perfect in the Hereafter, in the Heaven as well. However they’ve been through so difficult trials. So much so that Almighty God says; When they came at you from above you and below you..” It was not like it is now, pay attention, there is no law, there is no legal system, there is nothing. Raving psychopaths are coming at them from above them and from below them with swords, maces, choppers in their hands. They are continuously martyring Muslims from above them and from below them. Muslims are left in the middle. “when your eyes rolled and your hearts rose to your throats..” says Almighty God. “..and you thought unworthy thoughts about God,” and His Messenger. Look, that is how some people reacted there; do you see the toughness of the test? For instance nothing happens to those with strong faith, nothing happens to our Prophet (saas) but those with weak faith start to have doubts. These people are not irreligious, they have faith. They have faith strong enough to strive on the way of God, strong enough to go to war but when they are left in such a difficult situation -may God forbid- they begin to have doubts saying “is our Prophet (saas) really a true Prophet? What if our Prophet (saas) dies here now, did we come here in vain? What if God does not exist?” may God forbid. When this trial ends God brings their enemies to their knees. That is very easy for God. Well, they could have been defeated there and that defeat would also be a part of their destiny. They would then be martyrs and how nice that is, they would be going to the Presence of God like a radiant light. 


The greatest good deeds are attained through increasing faith. I mean if you want to increase your good deeds, you should increase your sincerity, you would thus be attaining a lot of good deeds, there would be no end to this. DEPENDING ON YOUR SINCERITY IF YOU INCREASE YOUR FATIH, YOU WOULD THUS BE ATTAINING A LOT OF GOOD DEEDS FROM THAT. The greatest good deeds that could be attained lies in this secret. Or else God says; “They are the ones whose actions will come to nothing.” One might work hard and strive but might have a weak faith, their sincerity might be weak. Even if they strive a lot they cannot attain any results.

2013-06-29 06:32:05

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