New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 July 2013)


"Hazrat Mahdi points to a bird and the bird falls into his hand."  How? For instance he says; "This bird is very beautiful, let us have one of those." What does falling into one's hand mean? It means keeping it in one's hand; it means keeping it in one's house, it means taking it into one's possession. For instance, you place the bird in a cage and it thus would be falling into your hand. For instance you say, "He fell into his hand" about a person and it means that he is under that person's control from then on, or else it doesn't come to mean it fell to his hand from the sky. It means that he will love birds in cages and out in the open, that he will take care of them and show his love for them; that is the meaning of the hadith. 

"He plants a dry branch in to the soil and the leaves of the branch turns green."   It means he will plant trees, Mahdi (pbuh) will love trees. It is understood that he will make everywhere green, he will take great pleasure from greenery, from trees, from fruits; it is understood that he will take pleasure from everything God created. 


2013-08-06 05:50:05

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