New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 August, 2013)


Great effort should be shown. Love is not that easy. People are more open to hatred; they are very open to anger and rage. Love requires patience, and will -power, love requires intelligence and determination. That is because love can be destroyed in a moment. You have to give it constant support; you need to stand by that constantly. I mean if satan gets in the way, if the lower-self gets in the way, it can be overturned all of a sudden. If one does not use will- power, love would fade. 

Some people can have a tendency to show hatred for the slightest excuse. People very rarely talk about love. They have forgotten it almost completely. That is why an intense effort should be shown to revive love. Love is what the world actually needs. Love is the sustenance of the world. Hatred  disrupts  the world; it would turn the world into a living hell. Love would turn the world into Heaven. WHAT THE SYSTEM OF THE MAHDI WILL BE DOING IS: CONSTANTLY MAKING AN AGENDA OF LOVE AND REVIVING IT. WITH PERSISTENT EXPLANATIONS, LOVE WILL TAKE ROOT AND ENFOLD THE WHOLE WORLD AFTER A WHILE. AFTER LOVE GETS STRONGER, HATRED WOULD DIE OUT. FOR INSTANCE, AFTER GOING BEYOND A FIFTY PERCENT LIMIT, LOVE WOULD CRUSH HATRED ON ITS OWN ACCORD. IT WOULD SWALLOW HATRED; HATRED WOULD NOT SUFFICE AFTER THAT SO GOING BEYOND THAT LIMIT IS VERY IMPORTANT. ONE NEEDS TO BE VERY PATIENT, STRONG-WILLED AND DETERMINED. AFTER GOING BEYOND THAT LIMIT, THE PROPONENTS OF HATRED WOULD NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CRUSH LOVE, INSHA'ALLAH.  

2013-09-19 20:59:09

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