New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (8 September 2013)


Allah creates wisdom moment by moment. Sincerity is very important because Allah says, “Only my true, sincere servants will be saved.” When someone is sincere, Allah flows wisdom onto him or her. Wisdom always flows; wisdom is not inside the brain. People think that wisdom is hidden inside a box and it says in there; it is not like that. The head is empty inside. Wisdom flows inside one’s head like a stream by Allah’s leave. When Almighty Allah sees that person’s sincerity – He knows it in destiny- He flows wisdom to him or her constantly. When a person is insincere, He stops the flow of wisdom. Then that person becomes crazy. They encourage insincerity a lot with soap operas and movies; however, being a rational and balanced person is nice for both men and women.

Allah grants wisdom to a sincere person; this is very clear. This is seen in all the prophets and good people. For example, Allah takes the foresight and perception of a dark, suspicious, dishonest, hypocrite person, who doesn't want anything good and who doesn't feel mercy for others, away. They begin to act in an abnormal way. There would be a bad look in their eyes. Their speech would become disrupted and they lose their logic. Allah creates obstacles for them causing unfruitfulness. If you abandon sincerity, misfortune follows you everywhere: If you are honest and sincere, you begin to see that things that appear as misfortune are actually right. You would begin to see that there is good in everything.

2013-10-17 20:51:51

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