New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 September 2013)


The world is designed for good people, and the bad people are just none the wiser. God always creates special beautiful details, gifts, a sort of holy light, in everything He creates for believers, while the unbelievers suffer from a sort of darkness in everything they do. However, the unbelievers also benefit from the holy light of the believers. Indeed, in the Qur'an, God informs us that they will say: ‘That Day the men and women of the hypocrites will say to those who have belief, ‘Wait for us so that we can borrow some of your light.’ (Surat al-Hadid, 13) They don't ask for a direct gift for themselves. That’s the way this world functions. The unbelievers are indirectly benefiting from the gifts that God gives to the believers. They would have never gotten it in any other way. They can enjoy these blessings only indirectly. And God allows that because of the test everyone is having. God says to believers: ‘Say: These are for the believers in the life of this world, purely (theirs) on the day of resurrection ;”. (Surat al-Araf, 32) God doesn't even take the unbelievers into consideration. The verse means that they will indirectly benefit from the gifts created for the believers. This beautiful and subtle tone of the Qur'an makes everything very clear, though one has to be able to grasp that depth.


“There will come a time when prayers will be abandoned, houses will get taller, people will swear and curse a lot, bribery will spread’ says Prophet Mohammed (saas) as the signs of Hz. Mahdi (as)’s time.  He says: “Listen Halid” and continues, “There will be incidents, problems, division after me’. He informs us that the ‘Muslims will be divided, and that they won’t be united’. The companions were surprised to hear that Muslims could be ever divided.

And now, some people proudly say that ‘It is a blessing that the ummah is divided’. They claim that Prophet Mohammed (saas) said this, while in the Qur'an, God says that division is illegal, wrong and disastrous. However, the radicals, through their forged hadiths, claim that the division of Muslims is a good thing. According to them, the division and conflicts in the Muslim community is a blessing! They invent lies in the name of Prophet Mohammed (saas) and use that to create evil. 

“And conflicts will arise. Tough days are awaiting you.” That is the End  Times. Prophet Mohammed (saas) says “Anyone who is practicing his religion during those times, will get fifty times more good deeds than any of you.’ That’s how tough it will be in the End  Times. “The day of judgment  will not come before people greet only their  acquaintances, before the mosques are left empty, before  trade loses all of its profit’. Since all these things are happening around us, we are clearly in the End  Times.

He continues: “People will seem to get along while inside they will hate each other.’ And he says: ‘People will be proud of the tyranny they are unleashing upon others.’ In another hadith, Prophet Mohammed (saas) says that [a sign of the End of Times] ‘...will be despicable and vile people taking over the leadership’. And you see those very repulsive people being leaders, like in Egypt, or in Syria. Brutal psychopaths of the deep government take over the administrations of their countries and terrorize people. He says that ‘...the streets will be narrow due to houses’ in the End  Times and adds: ‘...orators will be abundant while the ones communicating Islam will be few’. Many countries have lecturers, they lecture at mosques, but do it only as a job and go home and mind their own business. However, the lecturers should spread Islam everywhere but these people lecture only on their due days according to a pre-determined speech. They don't explain anything other than that. Prophet Mohammed (saas) says ‘...there will be too many divorces’. In the End  Times, the rate of divorces has spiked up. This is another sign of the End  Times. Before, it was difficult to get a divorce. It wasn't easy in the Ottoman times, nor was it during the Republics’ first years, but now it is very easy, people divorce just like that.

“Sudden deaths”; For example people die suddenly in the middle of a speech. 

“Traitors will be trusted” in the End  Times, he says. For instance in Egypt, people trust Sisi, they respect him. They respect the anti-Christ of Syria . 

“Good people will be taken for bad people”. The greatest scholars, the people that communicate Islam in the best way, the most decent Muslims are (routinely) vilified in the media, in the newspapers. 

2013-10-17 20:55:32

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