New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 September 2013)


Surah Az-Zariyat, 8th verse

You certainly have differing beliefs

This verse clearly explains the trouble of the Darwinists. You certainly have differing (conflicting) beliefs.” We ask them: ‘Do you accept the paleontological evidence?’ They say ‘Yes’. Then we say ‘OK, let’s go ahead and show the fossils to the whole world in an exhibit’. They say ‘I don't want that’. They say ‘Or else, I’ll go and bite those stones’. Good Lord.  Then we ask 'What if we tell people about the protein structure?’ They say ‘No, we don't want that either’. We say, ‘OK you do it then’, they reply ‘No, we don't want to do it either.’ Then we ask them ‘Has evolution ever happened?’ They say 'Yes'. 'Then is it OK if we talk about these facts?’. Their answer: ‘No, you can’t’. This is unacceptable. The verse refers to their conflicted thoughts : ‘You certainly have differing (conflicting) beliefs’

Surah Az-Zariyat, 9th verse

Averted from it is he who is averted. God says ‘...whoever is turned away from it, they are turned away’. God turns them away. It is their destiny.

Surah Az-Zariyat, 10th verse

Perish will those who just guess and speculate;

They only guess and speculate. They say ‘There was a primordial soup, it was boiling and then suddenly proteins popped into existence and then the cell came along and then the cells reproduced, became fish, the fish started dancing, and then went on and invented electron microscopes  and started studying itself.’ They are lying based on their guesses and speculations: The verse refers to them.

Surah Az-Zariyat, 11th verse

those who flounder in a glut of ignorance

Ignorance how? Because they don't study, they don't read, they don't research.

Surah Az-Zariyat, 48th verse

And the earth – We spread it like a carpet and how well We smoothed it out!

God makes mountains, everything very beautiful. However, He says, ‘We spread it like a carpet’. Indeed the continents keep drifting away from each other and when you look at the aerial photos, you can see that they were attached to each other before and that they broke off. And God says: ‘We smoothed it out’. How is smoothing out done? For example, think about a fistful of rice, or sand. You can smooth it out on the floor with your hand. God says ‘We smoothed out the continents’. This is happening at the moment, as science shows.  

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