New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (19 September 2013)


Nostradamus says, “The imprisoned prince will conquer Italy’. In other words, someone that was previously arrested, jailed. He calls him a prince. He says that person will conquer Italy. That’s also what Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says. Nostradamus says: “He will cross the sea”, so he will come through the sea, “and conquer all places from Genoa to Marseilles”. “He will defeat the foreigners, and he will make a great effort and do it without using any bullets’. He says, he will take those places without shedding any blood. Masha’Allah, masha’Allah. Completely compliant with the hadiths of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). He says 'he won’t use any bullets’ that ‘he will defeat the foreigners’: By educating them, talking to them, persuading them. 'He will make a great effort’ he says, “'He will cross the sea, and arrive by sea’ and continues: ‘He will be victorious from Genoa to Marseiles’. ‘He will conquer Italy, but before that, he will be arrested’. He is very clear with this narration. There is nothing vague. Masha’Allah. Very compliant with the hadiths.


Amos 6:11 For behold, the Lord commands, and he shall smite the great house into splinters, and the small house into chips. This is from chapter 6, verse 11 in Amos. It clearly explains 9/11. Indeed, the buildings were smitten into splinters and chips. There were two buildings and both came down. First the big houses around them collapsed, followed by the smaller ones. They were burnt to ashes.

The Torah is full of these amazing explanations. I was just looking at it, and I immediately spotted this; there are many others. For example, they talk about the incidents in Egypt, incidents in Syria, how Syria was going to be like this and they are very lengthy descriptions. It is really very interesting.


“When Mahdi (as) appears, those who consider themselves as his followers… Those who used to defend Hz. Mahdi (as) will stop doing that” says Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Very thought worthy.  At the moment, people are talking about neither Hz. Mahdi (as), or the End Times, or the anti-Christ. The Messenger (pbuh) says “People who are distant from religion, will believe in Hz. Mahdi (as)”. In other words, the materialists, the Darwinists. Masha’ Allah. 

“Qaim (Mahdi) will encounter more challenges in his struggle than Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) came when people were worshipping stone and wooden idols. However, those who go against the Qaim (Hz. Mahdi), will do that by using the Book of God. They will wage a war against Hz. Mahdi through the book of God. In other words, they will claim that they are following the Qur'an, while following their superstitions instead. For example, the headscarf is not an obligation according to the Qur'an, but despite that, they will say ‘it is’. It is not mentioned in  Surah Nur , but they will say ‘it is’ and Mahdi (as) will explain the truth. They will try to use the Qur'an to fight him, but they will misinterpret the Qur'an in their attempts to do so. 

'When Imam Mahdi is called to prayer, he will worship to God with His Hebrew name’ Insha’Allah. This is in Bihar-al Anwar. 

Al Qaim, one of the grandsons of Hz. Ali (ra), will turn the world into a whole new one. The world we know will completely change. There will be no more wars, no more fights, no more tyranny or oppression. Everywhere you look, you will see amazing architecture, breathtaking beauties. 'There will be no place left that Mahdi (as) has not planted, or made green’. The hadith makes it clear that he will make the whole world green.

'It is Al-Qaim that resembles Prophet Jesus the most in terms of appearance, character and nobility’. Our Prophet (pbuh) explains this. So Mahdi will really look like Prophet Jesus, a lot, with his face, his character and personality. 

'God will give Hz. Mahdi everything that He gave to the prophets.’ Hz. Mahdi (as) will be the summary of all prophets. 'More than that, He will choose Hz. Mahdi (as) over all of them.' In other words, Hz. Mahdi (as) will be superior to many prophets. This is mentioned in the Ahl-us Sunnah resources.

'He will disappear just like Prophet Joseph (as) disappeared'. Like getting arrested, being jailed. 'He will appear just like Jesus, son of Mary, appeared.’

'People will swear allegiance to him (Mahdi) so that he will rule with a new method, new principles and new rules.’ The whole world is changing. The tone, the attitude, moods, personality, rules, the understanding of religion will completely change. 

'None of the armies (students) of Mahdi (as) can be defeated until they die.' He says, they are invincible. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) says that it is not possible until they die.

“'When Qaim Mahdi (as) comes, he will come with new principles and rules' says Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). 'He will rule with a new sunnah and new thoughts.' It will be a very modern, loving, friendly world, where democracy, brotherhood and peace flourish. 

'There is no son like him in terms of honor and virtue' he says for Hz. Mahdi (as). Masha’ Allah.

'He will be victorious over people and the jinns'.

'He will leave no place unplanted'. According to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) everywhere will be green.

'Join those who reach him’. So he says that those who are his contemporaries should join Hz. Mahdi (as). ‘Blessed be those who join him and see his days’. Masha’ Allah. 

'Mahdi (as) and his students will settle down at the places where Prophet Noah resided.’ Where? Turkey. So Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) tells us about the country.  

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