New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (23 September 2013)


Surat ar-Rahman, verse 48

Containing all kinds (of trees and delights). “Containing all kinds;” There are very delicate ornaments, very delicate beauties. For example, you take a cup and the birds on the cup handle sing. There is detail everywhere. There is also a screen, and when you look you see your loved one. Just so it pleases us. For example, houses stand in the air and they are made up of glass and crystals.

“Containing all kinds (of trees and delights).” The Qur’an explains it very well. There is beauty in the Garden and this world. What is the believer’s aim? Always beauty: Beauty and love go hand in hand. If there is no love, beauty has no meaning. If there is beauty, there is love; if there is no love, beauty is meaningless.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 50

In them are two clear flowing springs. Famous springs. These springs could be like an energy channel where all blessings flow, because there are springs and water everywhere. Small streams: There is a lot of water in Paradise. There is water everywhere.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 52

In them are two kinds of every fruit.

Always two. “Two’s” are also mentioned in the story of DhulQarnayn as well as Hz. Khidr and elsewhere. Two and the Mahdi’s system are connected; but every fruit but two pairs. We will see all of the fruits we see here but they will be superior so that their quality and taste will be incomparable.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 54

They will be reclining on couches lined with rich brocade,the fruits of the Gardens hanging close to hand.

“...lined with rich brocade;” There are such intricate details that when we look at this atlas we find them to be breathtaking. Even a small part of it is so beautiful. “They will be reclining on couches.” There are beds. Since we learned of tiredness in this world, we will have an instinct of needing a bed. There is the instinct of needing a bed and sofa. “The fruits of the Gardens hanging close to hand.” When you reach out with your hand, the branch comes down because it is conscious and when it is picked,  that fruit immediately forms again.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 56

In them are maidens with eyes for them alone,untouched before them by either man or jinn.

“In them are maidens with eyes for them alone,” So looking is very important in women. “Only to their husbands” no one else. Then it would be meaningless. If she has a deep look special to him, then it means that she loves him a lot. This is a sign of strong love for one’s spouse, and he is also pleased because it is special to him. He is pleased.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 58

Like precious gems of ruby and pearl. 

Ruby is red and it shines very bright. Corals are also like that; they are eye catching. Women are shining with their jewelry like rubies and corals. They are as eye catching as jewels. Their complexion, eyes, lips and noses are very beautiful. When you look at them, you see that they are people like jewels. People, but they resemble jewels; they are eye catching. The women there are hypnotizing like jewels hypnotize people.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 62

As well as those two there will be two other Gardens. 

This means four heavens. Allah mentioned two heavens but this time He says; ''As well as those two there will be two other Gardens.'' 

Then four heavens are certain. For those who wonder about how many heavens there are, it is understood that they are four.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 64

Of deep viridian green. 

This means that there are forests, trees, grass and greenery. The dominant color is green.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 66

In them are two gushing springs. 

It is understood that there is a spring here, not like an energy source but an actual spring. Water spurts and it flows. But as far as I understand it, there is a giant pool and a great spurting. It is very famous, so the Qur'an points that out . Then it is one of the most beautiful places in heaven. There are pools in every one of them.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 68

In them are fruits and date-palms and pomegranates. 

Allah gave a couple of examples but He says that it is unique. Not like on Earth. Then Allah would have said “similar”.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 70

In them are sweet, lovely maidens. 

First their personality because even if a person has a beautiful face, she becomes repulsive when her personality is not nice. This is why there are problems. A woman’s physical beauty is not enough; she needs to be beautiful with faith. She will believe in Allah and then she will believe in Allah and she will fear Allah and love Allah so she can be beautiful. Otherwise, there is no beauty; but Allah points out personality and morals first.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 72

Dark-eyed, secluded in cool pavilions. 

Protected but there is not a situation that calls for protection; no wolfs, no dogs. What is meant by protection? Sexuality; meaning women who didn't engage in sexuality before; protected women who were not touched by anyone before. In big tents so no one else sees them. Since there will be sex in heaven, Almighty Allah created tents for couples to prevent anyone else from seeing but these are magnificent tents and every millimeter of the tents is decorated amazingly. Tents full of light both inside and outside: They are very beautiful. There are no lamps to cast light  inside the tent. It is light by itself. After the Day of Judgment the rules of physics  will change. All the rules of physics will change so everything scientists tell us is invalid there; there will be new rules of physics and chemistry.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 74

Untouched before them by either man or jinn. 

Allah points this out again. He emphasizes what He has pointed out in other verses again. Very beautiful women who have not had sex before and who are very clean and of high quality.

Surat ar-Rahman, verse 76

Reclining on green quilts and exquisite rugs. 

They have sex together with their wives and they talk and chat. Allah describes that beauty.


Just as in the case of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). When he was thrown into the well, he was just a child. There is no such thing that children are not tested. Children are subject to trial also. Allah tries them with difficulties and comfort as well, so that they remember it when they grow up. It is a condition of the trial that he remembers it later on. If he didn't meet with any difficulty when he is a child, then there would not be trial anymore. Then it would be a miracle. Think about it; no child faces any difficulty when he or she is a child but only after a certain age they face with difficulty. This would be quite confusing; to prevent this and to make it seem natural, this is necessary. But sometimes Almighty Allah may create results for children to make them turn to the right path and to improve them. There is a great good in it. If a child is not trained at all and not tried, then the thing I just mentioned would happen but children are generally protected and taken care of. For example, always something happens; always children are the ones saved. Something happens but children generally survive, but if they were saved all the time then this would be against the secret of the trial.

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