New Explanations by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 September, 2013)


When a believer offends due to unlawful actions, unlawful action paralyzes the believer, he cannot afford this. But if his mind is weak, if his faith is weak, an unlawful action does not matter to him. His meat is jellied, his meat is dead, his bone is dead, he is desensitized. However, unlawful action is something that bothers a believer a lot. Unlawful action pulls the believer to pieces. He knows that it is lawful and also he will process it, it is impossible. But in a manner of weak faith, as the body is paralyzed, as the meat is decayed, he is not effected. He performs unlawful actions easily. But a dead being has been performed unlawful action, it is impossible to perform unlawful action when alive. However, a person can enter into unlawful action as a dead person. A living person cannot afford it, it is an irresistible torment. It is not something that a believer can do.


Not benefiting from the Torah is not a smart move. Okay, there are many things falsified in the Torah, but they can be gleaned from the parts that are not falsified. For example, Jews read the Torah a lot, they think on the Torah a lot. Hence, they are pretty smart people, it tremendously improves the intelligence. Day and night, the eyes of most of the Jews are made weak because they read day and night, because they read the Torah a lot. And they constantly think on it and read. Of course, they also have a verbal Torah, in other words that is the Torah that is discussed by speaking; that is very important, they do not tell everyone about it. It is important also to achieve it. For example, in the Torah it is said that the prayer house of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) would be built again in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). It says ”When the prayer house is built, the sacrifice will be cut, and the sacrifices will be roasted there.” Kebab will be cooked. It says “...the smell of it go up to Jericho.” Jericho is a very faraway place. For example in the verbal Torah this means that love, science and morality will spread far and wide to those places. In terms of the soul and the concept of love, that also will spread far and wide. Whomever reads only superficially understands it in that way, but he whom knows the verbal Torah knows it means like that, insha’Allah.


"You betrayed me so, O people of Israel," says the Lord. God says that Israel will betray Him, He threatens Israel a lot. “But you are our people, I will protect you and forgive you” he says. They suppose that there is a curse only for the Jews. It is not like that. This curse is for all whom don’t apply religion. There is curse also for polytheists, there is curse also for those Muslims who sin. For example, He says, “ is cursed in the language of David and Jesus.” Okay, but this curse is not a curse that includes innocent children, innocent people; this is a curse that includes only those who do the negative action.

In Isaiah, part of the Old Testament, ...because the heavens will spread away like smoke. It states how the apocalypse will be. The Earth will wear out like a garment; indeed all the buildings everywhere got old. Rome is old, France is old, for example I am going to Bebek (a place in Istanbul) all the buildings there are old. I am going to Etiler (a place in Istanbul) all the buildings had got old, they have a very unhealthy appearance. Those living there will die like flies. In other words wholesale . But my salvation will be forever, so the believers will see salvation and will stay in heaven forever. How is it eternal? With heaven. My everlasting triumph there is gospel here for the Muslims. He says afterwards, don’t be afraid of the contemptuous among the people. So there will be insults, slanders to the Mahdi, to Muslims. The faithful won’t be affected by this and won’t be afraid. Do not settle from their profanities. On the internet, here and there is always swearing and insults. But guess what He says in the Torah, “Do not settle from their profanities.” I am looking to some Jewish brothers, they give up immediately. Someone says something and they give up immediately. This is unnecessary cowardice.


Surat At-Tawba, 48th verse

They have already tried to cause conflict before, and turned things completely upside down for you, until the truth came and God’s command prevailed even though they detested it.

They have already tried to cause conflict before, and turned things completely upside down for you… It is also the same now, wicked men play tricks against Muslims, they behave badly, they threaten. It is the same in Afghanistan, the same in Egypt, elsewhere in the same case. This is what happens, as long as the Muslims are oppressed. But they do not bluster against the oppressors; for example, Syria does not bully Russia because it is afraid of its power. But it is looking wretched, it acts despotically. It is the same in Egypt, too.

Surat At-Tawba, 57th verse

If they could find a bolt-hole, cave or burrow, they would turn and scurry away into it.

To smudge somewhere, to pester someone, the verse draws attention to the characteristics of the bloodsuckers, the ticks. If he is rich, if he has an opportunity, if he has a place to eat and drink, he goes, this becomes a plague for him.

Surat At-Tawba, 58th verse

Among them there are some who find fault with you concerning the zakat. If they are given some of it, they are pleased but if they are not given any, they are angry.

Among them there are some who find fault with you concerning the zakat. If they are given some of it, they are pleased, not just because of charity, the home maybe or the car, or maybe marriage. If it happens, he is pleased, if it does not happen it will be trouble. “…but if they are not given any, they are angry”. Here he is using violence and bluster or he carries a grudge or he organizes a conspiracy. Here in the Qu’ran, God draws attention to this immorality.

Surat At-Tawba, 59th verse

If only they had been pleased with what God and His Messenger had given them and had said, ‘Allah is enough for us. God will give us of His bounty as will His Messenger. It is to God that we make our plea.’

If only they had been pleased with what God, namely if they had put their trust to God, if they had resigned themselves to God, if they had looked with the eye of the opportunity God has created in destiny,  that is adequate. And ‘Allah is enough for us. God will give us of His bounty, what He says first, “Allah is enough for us.” Neither money nor this not that. He doesn’t die from sleeplessness either. He says, “Allah is enough for us.” To be hopeful always. “Allah will give us of His bounty”, what do we say? We say he will give us the Mahdi (as), He will give us Jesus (as), He will give us peace and security because we are Muslims. His Messenger too. So He says Mahdi (as) will serve up these blessings. We believe that  the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Mahdi (as) will serve up beauties to us. “It is to God that we make our plea.” To yield to Him, to be connected to Him, so not to have an ambition. For instance, we are talking here, we don’t make any money from it. On the contrary, we give money to make this communication possible. But hodjas get money. We are giving money to describe God and to popularize religion.

Surat At-Tawba, 60th verse

Zakat is for: the poor, the destitute, those who collect it, reconciling people’s hearts, freeing slaves, those in debt, spending in the Way of God, and travelers. It is a legal obligation from God. God is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Zakat is for: the poor, the destitute, those who collect it…says God. Here are the verses and explicit provisions that command social justice. Voluntary charity is given for instance, if there are one hundred poor people, and if you do not help all of them, how can you relieve them? Then the Muslim is doling out abundantly. Superabundant.

Surat At-Tawba, 65th verse

If you ask them they will say, ‘We were only joking and playing around.’ Say: ‘Would you make a mockery of God and of His Signs and of His Messenger?

In bigotry, to ridicule with Islam, with heaven, with hell have been the main subject here. They are making jokes about heaven, about hell, about angels, about Gabriel (as). Always about religion. This should be warned against occasionally, this is a very ugly thing.

Surat At-Tawba, 67th verse

The men and women of the polytheists are as bad as one another. They command what is wrong and forbid what is right and keep their fists tightly closed. They have forgotten God, so He has forgotten them. The polytheists are deviators.

The men and women of the polytheists are as bad as one another. They command what is wrong and forbid what is right. So necessarily to say this. They refrain from goodness, how does the factious command while ordering iniquity. He is ordering before he was born. Ilm Al-Ladun. Before he is born, he has had refrained from goodness. keep their fists tightly closed. Before he was born, he has had kept their fists tightly closed. But he tries to pull someone else. His own hand is very tight. They have forgotten God, so He has forgotten them. The polytheists are deviators. What is always the reason? To have forgotten God... He says, “so He has forgotten them”. They become miserable as they have forgotten. God is turning him a forgotten man.


Surat At-Tawba, 70th verse

Has the news of those who came before them not reached them the people of Noah and ‘Ad and Thamud, and the people of Ibrahim and the inhabitants of Madyan and the overturned cities?

Look, God turns the world upside down. For instance Syria, another time Iraq. When a people does not deserve affliction, affliction does not come. They neither communicate Islam nor propagate religion, they plunge into the life of this world. Here he hits the goldmine, he gets married, he has a wife and children, he makes his children get married too, then he makes his grandchildren get married, he reproduces. Are you a cockroach or are you a human being? Where is your service for God, for religion, for the book? Where is your service for the motherland, for the nation, for the government, for the flag? Nothing concerns him, therefore his world is his arbitrary pleasure. There cannot be such a mindset, this is remorselessness. We come into the world to be a slave of God, we come into the world to live good morals, we come into the world to live loyalty. We come into the world to serve God, the book, religion, the motherland, the nation. We don’t come into the world to hit the goldmine, or reproduce like cockroaches. Okay, a person can have children but if he is at God’s disposal, if he devotes himself to God, it can be. If you live for God, it can be. Otherwise it has no meaning.

Surat At-Tur, Verses 1-12 

By the Mount and an Inscribed Book, So the book is very important. Internet or book? The book is very vital.

On an Unfurled Scroll, by the Visited House, a fancy, beautiful home

by the Raised Canopy, So a beautiful house is blessing. Flat houses really annoy people. If the ceiling is high, people feel more comfortable.

By the Overflowing Ocean, When doomsday starts, the sea rises. As the land moves, the sea expands and rises and ignites because the magma comes out from the bottom, it gushes. Massive columns of magma begin to rise into the sky mixed with water.

Your Lord’s punishment will certainly take place. No one can ward it off. This means doomsday.

On the Day when heaven sways to and from. So an earthquake but with very strong .

And the mountains shift about. Magma is moving on the mountain, with the speed and power of the impact because doomsday started.

Woe that Day to the deniers, Checks, warrants, intrigues made to marry people, tricks, ambitions, the efforts all made for reproducing, all of these will have become meaningless.

Who play at frivolous games. What is it? The frenzy of the world, the works of the world. The work of this world has value if it is for God. If the work of this world is not for God, then it has no meaning. If it is done for God aiming for the hereafter, it will be useful. 

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