New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 October 2013)

Explanations of verses from Surat An-Na'ziat and Surah Yunus by Mr. Adnan Oktar 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 18

And say: "Do you resolve to purify yourself."

This is the first thing he says. He should purify himself both materially and spiritually. He is a filthy person both materially and spiritually.

"I will guide you to your Lord "

 Jews say "we only preach religion to a certain nation, only to the children of Israel." That is not acceptable.


Surat An-Nazi'at: Verse 19

" I will guide you to your Lord so that you may fear Him."

"I will guide you to your Lord " This is a person from the Copt nation. He is not one of the children of Israel but the Prophet Moses (pbuh) calls him to Islam. Preaching religion is for everyone. Everyone can be preached to. Of course it is Islam at the moment because it is the true religion of our time. At that time, Judaism was the true religion. But Judaism is also a genuine Islamic religion. It was later distorted but if a Jew becomes a follower of Mohammad he would become a genuine Jew. Muslims are responsible of abiding by the true parts of the Torah anyway; a Muslim cannot deny the true parts of the Torah. Muslims abide by the true parts of the Gospel as well. ".. so that you may fear Him." Fear of God is the first thing demanded. He first says; "I will guide you to your Lord." I will draw you closer to God, increase your love for God and my aim is for you to have fear of God, he says.


Surat An-Nazi'at: Verse 20  

" Then he (Moses) showed him the Great Sign."

That means first people need to be persuaded that religion is the truth. What are we doing? We are explaining the miracles of the Qur'an, we are explaining the miracles of our Prophet (saas) which have been realized in the End Times, we are explaining Our Prophet (saas)'s  miracles related with the system of the Mahdi. That is because all of them have been realized to the point; that is wonderful. Right now those miracles of our Prophet (saas) are hidden by the people. They are hidden by some people that we know as great scholars.  That shows us the severity of the End Times. For instance, starting from the appearance of the comets, many important incidents like the Lunar and Solar eclipses in the month of Ramadan are hidden from the ummah right now. They are not talking about them on no account. Instead, they are talking about vain gossip and everything else. I mean they do not say "Some people might be talking about those, but they are lies," they simply avoid saying anything about the matter. They say; "Do not talk about it at all." That is because if those miracles are heard of, it will be understood that the system of the Mahdi is the truth. These are all interconnected. That is why they keep saying; "Do not talk about it at all." 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 21 

"But he denied it and disobeyed."

Many people deny these and disobey right now as well. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 22  

".. and then he hastily backed away. "

I mean this time they start working against the Muslims. They back away, meaning they stop seeing Muslims. They decide to stop seeing them. They draw a rebuff, I mean they act grumpy. Or they want harm Muslims, they want to have them arrested and oppressed. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 23 

But then he rallied and called out:

These people always act as groups. They have their own supporters. They help one another. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 24 

".. saying, ´I am your Lord Most High!´      

 There is an official ideology, an official way of thinking. The state imposes its own faith. "There is no faith other than mine."


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 25 

"So God made an example of him seizing him with punishment in the next World and this world."

God gives two punishments: Being drowned in this world and the endless torment of hell in the Hereafter. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 26

"There is certainly instruction in that for those who fear. "

Those who fear God would draw a lesson from these, they would see the wisdom and profundity in them, they make sense out of them and reap their benefit and improve spiritually, says God. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 27

"Are you stronger in structure or is heaven? He built it."

For instance, we see this sometimes in Bediuzzaman's style and also in Sheikh Nazim's. In one of his statements he says; "Do not rebel to the skies." He says so in this manner because it is a known fact that the sky is from where the knowledge of God flows. 


Surat An-Nazi'at, Verse 28 

"He raised its vault high and made it level."

He says that He first created the atmosphere. Later on "He raised its vault high."  That is because as said in the verse, it was lie a smoke in the beginning; the earth was like  smoke. "He raised its vault high and made it level," He says. I mean He says; "Those clouds on the land are taken away; they have been raised to the sky." just like how science has ascertained. Exactly as science stated. "He raised its vault high and made it level." Meaning He defined how it would flow? How many layers there would be? What would be the structure of these seven layers? What would be their connection?  God says that He made it level. Almighty God created it just like this, and that completely complies with science. 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 29

He darkened its night and brought forth its morning light.

God shows us that He specifically created the night. Night is not something that just occurred. God says, "I have darkened it specifically." ".. And brought forth its morning light." God says that He specifically created its morning light. First light is just a glimmer and then a very strong light is brought forth. If you look at the light of the Sun, you will see just how extraordinary it is. 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 30 

After that He smoothed out the earth.

Look, just like science explained. In the beginning everywhere was covered with smoke. Everywhere was covered with water. That is also mentioned in the Torah. The Torah said; "The universe was covered with water all over. Later on the lands appeared." The Qur'an says the atmosphere was  formed later on and its layers were formed. Afterwards, the lands appeared; "After that He smoothed out the earth." Plants, trees and mountains followed. 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 31 

".. and brought forth from it its water and its pastureland."

Later on rain starts to fall. First "water" and then its "pastureland"; God says, “I created the plants” later on. That is in complete compliance with science.


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 32 

".. and made the mountains firm."

God says "I have created the mountains with those movements of the lands". "I have made the mountains firm," He says. That is exactly as science explains, you see the order in this, don't you? The order of the happenings is exactly the same as the order explained by science.  


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 33  

".. for you and for your livestock to enjoy."

Later on, God mentions the animals. God says; "That is why I created them," for animals to benefit from them. Later on Almighty God mentions the creation of animals. 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 34

"When the Great Calamity comes: "

God mentions the Last Day right after Creation. He says; "First I create." Later on He says; "I will rip everything apart in the Last Day, I will smash them all."  He is the One Who brings the Great Calamity. He destroys plants, He destroys the lands, the seas and He destroys everything with it. 


Surat An-Nazi'at; Verse 35

".. that Day man will remember what he has striven for.."

So they say, "I have done this is vain." They say, "I have remained away from God for no reason, I have turned my back on the Qur'an in vain."  May God forbid.


Surah Yunus; Verse 90

"We brought the tribe of Israel across the sea and Pharaoh and his troops pursued them out of tyranny and enmity. Then, when he was on the point of drowning, he said, 'I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the tribe of Israel believe. I am one of the Muslims'."

“(The Pharaoh) ...he said, 'I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the tribe of Israel believe. I am one of the Muslims' ”.  Meaning "I accept  God and the Prophets that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) described. I accept religion. "


Surah Yunus; Verse 91

"What, now! When previously you rebelled and were one of the corrupters?"

" What, now! When previously you rebelled and were one of the corrupters? " He did that many times, not just three times, five times or ten times. ".. you were one of the corrupters," says God. "You were constantly causing mischief," He says.   


Surah Yunus; Verse 92

"Today We will preserve your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs."

God says; "Today We will preserve your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs." So his body is a Sign as well. It is a Sign from God. It has been preserved mummified and it will remain like that as a Sign until the Last Day. But look; God calls it a "Sign." That makes all sorts of evidence, all scientific evidence, everything that proves God, everything that explains the Qur'an, a Sign.  God says; "a Sign."

Surely many people are heedless of our Signs. Why? That is because they submit to God. That is what God commands. He says; "You will not believe." And they cannot. God says; "You will believe" and those do. He says "You will believe" to the Mahdi (pbuh). He says; "You will take the helm of the Muslims and you will be their leader." And He says; "You will help the Mahdi (pbuh)" to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And He says; "You will take the helm of the Christian world." Nothing contrary to this could ever happen. God says; "But I will inflict dajjals upon you." The dajjals are unable to say; "I don't want this, I will not act as a dajjal." Almighty God lists them all one by one and says; "You will be hypocrites. And you will struggle against the Mahdi (pbuh)." And it is not possible for them to say; "No I won't." They would, without fail,   struggle against the Mahdi . There will also be some hypocrites among the students of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as well. God tells them to be hypocrites one by one. And all of them become hypocrites. God says; "And I will put you all to  hell." And He puts them in hell.

You will ask, what is this all about? This is the Secret Knowledge. This is Ilm Al-Ladun. If we were to go deeper, we will come across a whole different world and of course, we are not able to go even deeper; but those who can have understood it quite clearly as we have explained it from time to time. I have explained it quite clearly. It is not possible to say; "I do not get it." It is not possible to say; "I did not realize it." Insha'Allah. That is because the hypocrite of each man of cause is created within his mind. You wouldn't know their body outside. You only are responsible of knowing what you are shown. For instance, when a child dies, the one inside your mind dies. You wouldn't know the child outside. That is the knowledge of God. That is Ilm Al-Ladun. That is the secret knowledge. 


Surah Yunus; Verse 100

"No self can have faith except with God's permission. He places a blight on those who do not use their intellect."

No self can have faith except with God's permission. That is the Ilm Al-Ladun. "I command you and you have faith, I command you and you don't," says God. But He also says; "I will put those who have faith in  Heaven and those who don't in Hell." That is Ilm Al-Ladun. 


Surah Yunus; Verse 101

"Say: 'Look at what there is in the heavens and on the earth.´ But Signs and warnings are of no avail to people who have no faith."

Say; "Look at what there is in the heavens and on the earth." You will look at them with a microscope, with a telescope with everything you've got. God says; "Examine all the details in the heavens and on the earth." "But Signs and warnings are of no avail to people who have no faith."  God says; "You will see Signs when you examine these." For instance, in the structure of molecules, in the structure of  atoms, in the Heavens and everywhere else you will see God's Signs. You will see clear Signs. They are explicitly seen. The paleontological evidence is out in the open, the structure of the cell is out in the open, the structure of the nerves, the structure of vacuoles  and everything else. Everything leaves one amazed, the details take one's breath away. That is why God says; "Signs and warnings." God says that we are seeing them all very clearly. "...and warnings." For instance, we are explaining the Truth day and night on television. "...they are of no avail" but to whom? To those who have no faith. God says; "If I command them not to have faith, it would have no effect on them even if you explain things to them repeatedly." They have to carry the Spirit of God, they have to be open minded, they have to be people of the true way or else no matter how much you explain, it wouldn't have any effect on them.  

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