New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 October 2013)

Our Prophet (saas) has foretold Marmaray in his hadiths 


Our Prophet (saas) says; "And when the Qaim (Mahdi (pbuh)) appears," and he also says the name of city openly. He says; " Constantinople (Istanbul)." There is nothing vague about the city. "He will send his students and when his students come by the sea they will do something with their feet and the water will start running above them," he says. So where would water be? It will be above them. And where are they? They are underneath the sea. He says; "They go by while the water is running above them." And our Prophet (saas) explains where the water would be: "It will be running above their head," he says. Water will be above them and they will go by while water is running above them. He says; "...they do something with their feet." The vehicles used in Marmaray are operated by foot. When you press on the accelerator, it goes.

At first, when people read this, they have taken the second meaning of the words; you know how sentences are interpreted sometimes. It is said that they will be walking while they have water above them, while water runs above their heads.  That is what is meant there. 

Our Prophet (saas) says ; "...flags will be planted on both sides of this road." We've looked and saw that there are flags everywhere. And a mosque is mentioned in the hadiths. We've looked into it and there are two mosques on the exit. And our Prophet (saas) says; "...treasures will be excavated at the same time"; from under the ground. Alright, what do you have to say about this? 

If one does not look into the hadiths carefully, if one looks into them superficially, he cannot understand the true meaning in them. That is why in The Rays, Bediuzzaman says; "Our Prophet (saas) explains things in such a manner that normally one would not understand but once it is realized everyone understands what is meant." He says; "Those who are rich in knowledge, who have depth in knowledge, would say God knows the truth, these secret truths are referred to in here. Or else they would not be understood." 

For instance, look here, people are surprised; "They walk by while they have water running above their heads." That means the sea would be above them, the sea would be over them. At first people might think that they will be walking on water: Actually what is meant here is water being above them; they walk while they have water above them. 

Furthermore, the hadith says; "...they eat where they walk." I mean they are eating there. The hadith says; "...they gather there." Actually that tunnel underneath the sea is more like a facility. There is a facility there; there are people eating, gathering and there is everything there. People are amazed by these incidents, but now once these hadiths are realized, it is understood that this is all very reasonable.  

2013-11-06 23:28:47

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