New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (25 October 2013)

Mahdi (pbuh)'s body will take the form of light from time to time and leave the material world. 


"There is a slowness, a laggardness in his tongue. When he speaks slowly and laggardly, he pats on his left knee with his right hand.” That means there is a sort of choked up feeling in his speech; Mahdi (pbuh) might be going through a state of spiritual ecstasy during that time. From time to time, he might perhaps leave the material state of mind and when he pats his left knee with his right hand for instance, he might regain that feeling of having a material substance and then continue to speak. Such patting might make one come back to himself and make him feel his material existence. That means his body takes the form of light from time to time.  Or he might, perhaps, be leaving the material world. That is what I understand. 



In his hadiths, our Prophet (saas) says; "...the sea will be divided into two for the Mahdi and he will easily go through that path." That statement refers to the Marmaray Project. That is because with this project the sea will be divided into two. People will be passing by a dry path underneath the ground. They will not be on the sea like a flat avenue. They will be passing through a path underneath the sea. 

"Mahdi will plant a dried cane into the dry soil and it will instantly become green and give leaves.” That is also mentioned in the Torah. The Torah refers to it as a "cane" and says that it will be "planted into the soil" and it will "become green". 

Evil ones will lose their influence and they will perish. There will be no individual left hostile to the Ahl Al-Bayt [People of the House]. That means there will be no one left who would talk ill about Hazrat Aisha (ra) or about Hazrat Omar (ra) because the religious sects will be cancelled, everyone will approach the People of the House with love.  "The word of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be loved deeply among people." God will extinguish the blind dissension by means of Mahdi (pbuh). The blind dissension is the dissension that is going on in the world. What does the Islamic world making havoc with each other mean? It is blind dissension, a dead end dissension. A blind, sightless dissension. Our Prophet (saas) does not call it merely a dissension but he calls it a blind dissension. That is highly meaningful; there really is a blind dilemma at the moment, there is a blind dissension. "Safety and tranquility will prevail on the earth." There will be no anarchy, no terror, no explosions, no outbursts, no molotov cocktails, no bombings, nothing. Safety and tranquility will prevail on earth. Everyone will be peaceful. 

"The earth will be filled with justice instead of persecution and torture." There will be no persecution and no torture. Mahdi (pbuh) will abolish all deep states. "He will serve out everything equally within the scales of the truth and justice." Socialists , communists are talking about social life, social justice: Actually they have learnt that from the system of the Mahdi. That is about a thousand year old book. Marx wrote it about a hundred years ago. Yet our Prophet (saas) said this over 1,000 years ago. Do you see the concept of social justice? He says "...he will serve out everything equally within the scales of the truth and justice. He will distribute all the goods between Muslims." He divides everything equally. "And thus just like the dwellers of the earth and sky being pleased with him, the birds in the sky, the wild animals in the jungles, the fish in the seas will be content with him as well.” Mahdi will love fish very much as well, he will love birds, he will love the wild animals a lot. He will love cats and dogs, all animals, insha'Allah. Animals will know him. They will love the Mahdi (pbuh) very much. "There will be no individual left from the people of Mohammad (saas) that would not be content with him." Everyone, Alewites, Sunnis, Bektashis, Wahabbis, all of them will be content with him. As a matter of fact, the hadiths state that town criers will be made to cry out asking if there is anyone in need and that people will respond, "We have no need  of anything." 

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