New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 November 2013)

One would never  tire of examining the Artistry of God 


One might follow his lower-self from time to time. That might happen, it is not something that has never been seen in people. The Qur'an talks about that anyway. A Muslim would repent, and increase his determination; he would read fact leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur'an. He would think about them and reflect on them, so he would better himself.

Pray to God and say, "My Lord, increase my faith. Increase my love for You." Do not be too lazy, bored or tired while learning something. That is very important. For instance, people study the cells, the chromosomes, vacuoles and cytoplasm. They need to study it carefully without ever becoming tired of it. That is because God created it all for us to enjoy and see the artistry in it. 

One would never  tire of examining the Artistry of God. You need to study that art with love. Just like one studies a flower with love, just like one studies a cat, or a beautiful child with love and just like one feels love for them; cells should be examined with love as well because that is the Artistry of God. We need to see the details in it because the cell is a living being as well; it also has eyes and ears.  It has a beauty of its own. We need to look at the rich details in God's creation and be amazed by it. Love would then increase even further. When love for God increases, so would fear of God. When fear of God increases, so would one's submission to God. When one's submission to God increases, he would become a person who is never anxious. His mind would be at ease, he would feel relieved. And he would feel a merriment, a relief and an ease,  insha'Allah.  

2013-11-18 01:24:42

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