New statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (15 November 2013)


In Ghaybat Tusi, it is related by Imam Muhammed Baqir (ra) that one of the grandchildren of our Prophet (saas),said; Ameli Sadik related from Talikani, and he from Jaludi, from Hisham bin Jafr, from Hammad, from Abdul bin Suleyman that he said: ''Almighty God will tell Jesus the messiah: Jesus, I shall raise you into the skies and send you back to earth in the last age of the world (the End Times). You will witness the extraordinary events, experiences by that Ummah and help him (the Mahdi) in his struggle against the dajjal.” Who really wages the struggle? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). What does Jesus Messiah(pbuh) do? He helps him in that struggle. That is the task God has given him.

"I will send you at the time of prayer so that you may pray with them, because they (the Mahdi and his followers) are people whom the divine mercy has reached.” God says; "I will make you acquainted with them at the time of prayer, while they are praying, so you can pray together.

It is related from Ibn Isa, from Ibni Asbat, that Imam Ali Riza (pbuh) said: "Do you think the Imam Qaim (the Mahdi) will appear before the coming of the sufyan? Not so. The Imam Qaim will appear after the coming of the sufyan.”  First the sufyan will appear, and then Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). “The coming of the sufyan and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are inevitable,” he says. He says that both will appear. The place where the sufyan will appear is given as Damascus. Hafez Assad. His son is now persisting with the same strife and turmoil.

"Almighty God will send the Qaim, Muhammed the Mahdi, the clement one in the presence of men, together with his followers." In other words, God does not send the Mahdi alone. He also sends his followers. People imagine that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) alone will be sent. No, his 300 followers will also be sent. God will manifest him together with his 313 followers. He will have them meet people in the streets. But they will not be random people. They will all have come together. "When they appear, people will pity and weep for them, thinking they will soon be destroyed by the hands of their foes." "It is very sad for these young people,” they will say. They say the same thing of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). "The system of the dajjal will ruin them. It will have them imprisoned and killed. It will defame and ruin them. They cannot succeed,” they will say. “…thinking they will soon be destroyed by the hands of their foes…” They will think they cannot possibly survive.  "… people will pity and weep for them, thinking they will soon be destroyed."


"Almighty God will conquer the east and west of the world for them (the Mahdi and his followers)," figuratively. "Know that they are true believers." Look, he is not saying that they are just "believers" but that they are "real believers". Because God will bestow sovereignty over this world on those with true faith. Being in charge of politics or facilities or lots of people has nothing to do with this. For example, the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was alone. God made him the Sultan of the region. Dhu’lQarnayn was one man. But he soon came to rule the world. Solomon (pbuh) was also alone, and he soon came to rule the world. Because they were true believers. They had real faith. That is why it is also related in the Torah. God says He will bestow global sovereignty on 10 people, if they have faith.

"They are true believers. Know that the best of efforts are those made in the End Times." Our Prophet (saas) says, “the best of efforts are those made in the End Times.” What time is he referring to? The times of all the world. That is the best time, he says. The End Times. Because that is when most merit is earned. 

"O Jabr! Wait until these signs I tell you are manifested. O Jabr! In that year, new disputes will appear in the West. The first place devastated will be the lands of Damascus."

Look, do you see the details? “The lands of Damascus will be devastated.” That is Syria. That devastation has now happened. Everywhere is in ruins in Syria. What is the exact explanation of this hadith? Our Prophet (saas) sees the scene. He says what he sees. Time ceases to exist, and he sees. The lands of Damascus appear before his eyes. Or else Gabriel tells him about these, and he tells us about these in that way.

"Corruption will break out when thousands of people are surrounded by equipment and everyone is divided into groups. People will be destroyed. Then, the awaited Qaim Imam, the Mahdi, will stand, and there will be no child like him in terms of honor and virtue."

Masha’Allah. He is the beloved child of our Prophet (saas). '' there will be no child like him in terms of honor and virtue,' he says. The Mahdi (saas) is the greatest guide there has ever been. In the words of the Prophet (saas), he is the last and the greatest guide. ''when thousands of people are surrounded by equipment and everyone is divided into groups.” What are they doing in Syria now? They are surrounded by equipment, meaning bullets and shells and machine guns. And they are divided into groups. There are almost 1000 factions among them. ''Corruption will break out…” Look. There is war and conflict and they are all fighting one another. “People will be destroyed…” Destroyed here means being killed, injured, being left hungry and thirsty and generally wretched. Then the awaited imam Mahdi (pbuh), the descendant of the Prophet (saas) will appear. "there will be no child like him in terms of honor and virtue." Our Prophet (saas) explicitly said this 1400 years ago. It also appears in the Torah in the same form. He is the greatest spiritual guide there has ever come, insha’Allah.

"The Mahdi will be victorious over human beings and djinn. And he will leave nowhere unsown. How happy those who live to see the time of the Mahdi, who join him and see those days."

“The Mahdi will be victorious over human beings and djinn.” How will he be victorious over human beings? Through faith and godliness. How will he be victorious over the djinn? Through knowledge and godliness. ''And he will leave nowhere unsown.” I am in the vanguard of the Mahdi, and when I see somewhere unsown, as you know, I just have to sow it. Even if it is a very small place, I want to plant a fruit tree or a flower. People are given that training of the Mahdi (pbuh) by their nature. So if even I have this, as one of the vanguards and a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), it shows how scrupulous Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be, and it is impossible not to grasp how he will leave nowhere uncultivated and how everywhere will flourish, insha’Allah. 

"How happy those who live to see the time of the Mahdi, who join him and see those days." Living to see his days is a great joy, but the merit from joining him is incomparably greater. That is a separate matter, and is constantly praised by our Prophet (saas) in the hadiths. He tells the Companions, "They will earn 50 times more merit than every one of you." The Companions are astonished. “O Rasulullah, we are at your side, and such difficulties befall us. Why is that?” “The End Times are very difficult,” says our Prophet (saas). We see all kinds of turmoil, 1001 different philosophies, 1001 perverse beliefs being described to the world via the internet, radio and television. The system of the Mahdi will strive against that with a handful of people, with the few means at its disposal. So the merit earned will of course be very great. 

“The Qaim, the Mahdi, one of the grandchildren of Hazrat Ali (pbuh), will make the world an entirely different place.” The Mahdi (pbuh) will give the world a system in which there is a maximum of freedom and liberty, in which joy is widespread, in which there is complete security and in which nobody fears anyone else, but God. 

Our Prophet (saas) says there will be treasure beneath the Kaaba. That is not yet known. Who knows what will emerge? There will be searches under the Kaaba in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). We will find knowledge dating back 10,000 or 15,000 or 20,000 years beneath the Kaaba. We will find remains dating back to that time. We will see that people then believed in the one God. This is all important evidence. 

Another comet will appear in the days ahead. A very large and significant comet. A noteworthy portent will thus have come about. 

“It is the Qaim (the Mahdi) who most resembles Jesus the Messiah in terms of form, character and nobility.”

Yes, Jesus the messiah will have gray eyes, and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will have green eyes. He resembles him like that. Both have small noses. Jesus the Messiah has a small face, a noble face. That appears in the hadiths. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is very broad in stature. Jesus the Messiah is not like that. He has a thin waist. In one sense, the word messiah means thin waist. He is also of medium height. Jesus the Messiah has long, thin fingers. But our Prophet (saas) says he is freckled, even his nose. He is freckled right down to his feet. He has a sharp expression. Jesus the messiah attracts attention in that regard. He is extremely clever and intelligent. 

“He will follow in the path of the Prophet (saas). He will never be mistaken.” People will criticize him. “You are completely wrong. You are acting wrongly. You are on the wrong path.” But he will be right. “Because there is an angel he cannot see who corrects him.” There is always an angel by his side. Even if it looks like he is making a mistake; the angel will go into action and not let him. He causes him to do the right thing. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) “will carry a sick man on his back.” He will take an interest in everything to do with the sick. It is hard to carry someone on one’s back. It means he will help people who are seriously ill. “He will help the weak,” materially and psychologically. “He will be hospitable.” He will love guests and invite them over all the time.  “He will help those who maintain the truth.” He will help those who preach Islam and abide by the Qur’an. “He will do what he says.” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will keep his promises. He will never deviate from what he says. “He will say what he knows.” He will speak truly and honestly. He will not conceal what he knows. He will explain matters through his books and CDs. “God will give him such strength that he will eliminate all wickedness overnight.” Everyone will stop being wicked, by the leave of God, that very night. He will eliminate wickedness and wicked people through his knowledge. “He will reinforce and improve Islam.” He will strengthen them.  “He will make Islam valuable again after it has become worthless.” People used to be ashamed to admit they were Muslims, and Islamophobia was widespread. But people will then be proud of being Muslims. “He will bring Islam back to life after it has died.” People talk about Islam, but it is divided into various sects and fragmented and smothered in nonsense. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will free Muslims from all that.

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