New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 May 2014)


Surat Al-Maidah; Verse 80

You see many of them taking those who are unbelievers as their friends. What their lower selves have advanced for them is evil indeed, bringing Allah´s anger down upon them. They will suffer punishment timelessly, for ever.

“You see many of them taking those who are unbelievers as their friends.” That means those who are deniers. “What their lower selves have advanced for them is evil indeed.” What is it that advances for them? Their lower selves. People generally do not attach necessary importance to the concept of the lower self. Actually it is a special force embedded in humans, it is a negative power; may God forbid, it might drive one crazy and might even  make one  commit murder, it might make one commit suicide.  All these troubles happen under the influence of the lower self. People imagine that nothing would  happen if they are guided by their lower selves but actually lots of things happen. It might take one over  and drag them into troubles; the lower self suffocates one.  

Surah Yusuf; Verse 53

I do not say my self was free from blame. The self indeed commands to evil acts — except for those my Lord has mercy on. My Lord, He is Forgiving, Merciful.´

I do not say myself was free from blame.” It is not possible to carry out positive studies with one’s lower self. Lower selves cannot be exonerated. “I do not say my self was free from blame.” It is a force that is active in a person’s soul  constantly commanding  evil.

Surat Ash-Shams; Verse 7

“… and the self and what proportioned it”

“… and the self” God creates the self “… and what proportioned it.” 

God is the One Who proportions the self. And now Almighty God explains that proportioning: 

Surat Ash-Shams; Verse 8 

... and inspired it with depravity or piety (taqwa)”

Look, first God gives aggressive, abnormal wrong feelings to the lower self,  but He also shows the ways to be protected against those with the verses of the Qur’an; the whole system of trial is founded upon that anyways. People need to  recognize this highly dangerous threat of the lower self and be alert and be careful against it. We are to look for the acts that please God the most.  

Surat An-Nisa; Verse 128 

But people are prone to selfish greed. If you do good and have fear of God, God is aware of what you do.

But people are prone to selfish greed.” God says, “I have created that specifically.” It is prone to selfish greed. The lower self, jealousy and selfishness make one’s body do abnormal acts eventually. People assume that nothing bad will happen if one follows his lower self; actually lots of things happen. It would ruin a man. The lower self is the propelling force in those who commit suicide. It drives them mad and drags them into committing suicide. They also commit murders because they abide by their lower selves.   

Surat Al-Mu’minun; Verse 106  

They will say, ´Our Lord, our miserable destiny overpowered us. We were misguided people.

Look, the lower self draws one into misery. The lower self draws one into pessimism, into misery, into seeing all people as bad and seeing one’s self as bad. Eventually they end up committing suicide. It draws one into a lack of love and mercy. A faithful person resists these with the knowledge God gives him. That is because God reveals this in him constantly. God reveals the right choice. God says, “I created the lowerself and proportioned it. I created it with the power of knowing what is right and what is wrong. And you are to abide by the truth, by your conscious.” God says, “Abide by the Qur’an with sincerity.” 

Surat Al-Qıyamah, Verses 14-15 

In fact, man will be clear proof against himself in spite of any excuses he might offer.

Excuses are put forth by the second negative portion of the lower self. Generally people believe in these excuses. They even commit murders and then say, “I don’t regret what I did”. The negative portion of the lower self gives that information to him and he would never even be aware of such a power embedded inside him. He imagines that it is him who does those things. Actually if he could get  control of his lower self, he could live like a king and be really comfortable. 

Surat Al-Baqarah; Verse 109

Many of the People of the Book would love it if they could make you revert to  disbelief after you have become Muslim, showing their innate envy now that the truth is clear to them. 

One looks and sees that Islam is more perfect than Christianity. Heaven, hell everything is perfect. Religious services are perfect, the attitude adopted about explanations of God is perfect. They find that difficult to accept and they eventually start to work to make Muslims abandon Islam. Why? Because of their innate envy. One might be a Jew and yet looks and sees that Islam is perfect and find all sorts of perfection that he fails to see in the Torah. There is perfection in the language. It doesn’t create any kind of distress in their hearts. Everything is perfect, everything is right. They find it hard to accept. Of course, the Qur’an doesn’t say this for all of them; only some Cristians and some Jews are being referred to here. They do this with the innate envy and jealousy they have. 

Surah Al-Qiyamah; Verse 14

In fact, man will be clear proof against himself

They have information against their lowerself. God says,” They know what to do against that.”

Surat An-Nisa; Verse 63

God knows what is in such people´s hearts so turn away from them and warn them and speak to them with words that take effect.

... speak to them with words that take effect.” The lower self is not instantly convinced. That is why they should be spoken to in a clear and effective manner. They should be given information based on the Qur’an, in a sincere and easily perceived manner. They do not realize the hostile force inside them. Actually the lower self is equipped with all sorts of negative information. They go by it because they don’t know any better. This is what lies in the root of all ignominies. 

Surat Al-Mudathir; Verse 38

Every self is held in pledge against what it earne

The lower self is given to every self to be held in pledge temporarily.  

Surat Al-Isra; Verse 14

'Read your Book! Today your own self is reckoner enough against you!'

That is because the lower self is given two types of  information; both positive and negative information is provided. This positive information takes action in the Hereafter. “I have told you the right action, I have explained it to you,” one is told. They are being reminded of that in that day. One is told, “You were given the right information but you did not abide by it. You followed the wrong information even though you were well aware that it was wrong.”

Surah Al-Imran; Verse 30 

On the Day that each self finds the good it did, and the evil it did, present there in front of it, it will wish there were an age between it and then.”

They find the good they did but when they see the things they did in abiding by the negative portions of the lower self, they want to keep clear of that, they do not want to see those acts but they want to see the good they did. Actually they could have avoided all those evils if they had wanted to.  

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