New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (23 June 2014)


Our Prophet (saas) says, "There will be an incident in Kirkuk about which those that could be saved from it would talk about…"  These are all great details. As you know, ISIS has made a move towards Kirkuk now. 

"An incident will take place near Nusaybin (A city in Mardin province)," says our Prophet (saas). These are the incidents caused by the PKK terror organization. 

He says, "Incidents will take place in Şırnak."

He says, "If a woman would want to go to Damascus from Iraq on foot each of her steps will be on beautiful green grass. And she will be able to show her ornaments, her jewelries. And no one will ever attempt to steal them, to grate or disturb her." So our Prophet (saas) says that women will be able to go there with their ornaments, that they will be able to go there all dressed up. This is from a seven hundred year old book. 

"The Emir of Muslims Imam Ali (pbuh) decreed; "If our Qaim (Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)) stands the skies grant the rainfall and the earth makes the plants green. Hatred and animosity will be wiped off from the hearts of the servants and even wild and domestic animals do not feel afraid from one another." (Bihar'ul Anwar; V.52, p.316)  Right now Muslims are hanging and chopping  one another up, they are attacking Christians. These will all come to an end.   

"… the one conquering the cities of idolaters is one from the Children of Israel." (Ali b. Sultan Muhammad Al-Qari al-Hanafi "Risaletul Meshreb elverdi fi Mezhebil Mahdi.") He (Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)) will spiritually conquer the cities in which radicals, fanatics are influential.  

Our Prophet (saas) calls the Mahdi (pbuh)  "The one among my sons…" This is the victory of the son of our Prophet (saas). If a father sends a son to a place and has a job done, would that not be the victory of that father anyway? This victory will be the victory of our Prophet (saas). In the Qur'an, Almighty God says, "Truly We have given you the Great Abundance. So pray to your Lord and sacrifice. It is the one who hates you who is cut off without an heir." (Surat al-Kauthar: 1-3)


Surat al-Ahzab; Verse 21 

"You have an excellent model in the Messenger of God, for all who put their hope in God and the Last Day and remember God much."

The Messenger of God (saas) was putting the Qur'an into practice perfectly. If one asks, "How could I put the Qur'an into practice in my life?" That is it; you will do exactly as what our Prophet (saas) did. He presented an amazing easiness for the Muslims with the way he put the Qur'an into practice in his life. It is an art to put the Qur'an into practice in life. A wise person would understand and implement the Qur'an perfectly in his life. For instance, how should one have humility? How should one be freed from the feeling of superiority? How should one live love?  For instance, these traditional hodjas claim that our Prophet (saas) is a very loving person. How about you? You do not utter a single word about love. Only when the subject matter is put up for discussion, only when the word is mentioned in an article do they utter the word, or else they never even pronounce it. And a vast majority of them are Darwinists and materialists. They are Muslims but also Darwinists and theologians; how does that happen?  What would one be saying, what does the Darwinist way of thinking demand? It says, may God forbid, "God did not create" and then he starts making explanations about religion. And then he steps up and says "I am against the system of the Mahdi as well." Well, if you are a Darwinist you will of course be against the system of the Mahdi. First and foremost you claim that "God did not create the universe," and that closes the whole subject anyway. Once you say "God did not create the universe," how could it be possible for you to believe in the Mahdi (pbuh) anyway?

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