New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (27 July 2014)


Martyrs are subjected to trials as well but theirs is a protected trial. I mean they are being tested in the ordinary course of things in a way that they will constantly acquire merits. They know that they are protected and watched over. They are in happiness. They are aware that they will be going to  Heaven. They are in a protected structure, in which they are specifically watched over but which seems to be a trial. I mean theirs is nothing like the system in the world. There are many difficulties, pains in the world but in their system those do not exist. Everything is positive, everything is for the better. For instance, within this system they help their brothers and treat them with beautiful blessings and say beautiful things to them, talk about God. I mean theirs is an easy system but of course they are not aware of that; they do not know that they are dead. They imagine themselves to be alive and taken to a different dimension of life.

2014-08-07 02:16:40

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