The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in France

A report regarding global Creationist movements appeared on an Italian-French news portal website,, on 9 February, 2007. The report discussed the Atlas of Creation and Harun Yahya’s works on the subject:

Harun Yahya, author of the 770-page Atlas of Creation that rejects the theory of evolution says, “Creation and that species never underwent evolution is a fact.” The author supports the view that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old (regarded as the most accurate estimate) and uses a large number of fossils and detailed visual presentations as references in his work in order to show that “species never underwent any change.

Harun Yahya (a Turk whose real name is Adnan Oktar) declares that Darwin’s theory (the only philosophy that encourages and attaches any value to conflict), which he indicates as being the true source of terrorism, accompanied by a picture representing the September 11 attacks, is invalid and goes far beyond mere rejection of the theory of evolution.

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