An Analysis Titled ''creationism in Turkey'' From A Darwinist Organization Operating in The Usa

An organization known as the National Center for Science Education, which operates in the USA and seeks to have the theory of evolution taught in state schools, devoted considerable space to the activities in Turkey on The Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation. The article concerned, attributed to the Reuters News Agency bulletin and Nature magazine, about the activities of the BAV (Science Research Foundation) and Harun Yahya, quoted these words from the Turkish-born Taner Edis, a physicist at Truman State University in Missouri, "Harun Yahya has managed to create a media-based and popular form of creationism."

The article also quoted a statement from the Darwinist geneticist Steve Jones in Nature magazine, "Creationism is a major issue in Turkish politics; the debate is much more tense than in the United States … All biology textbooks now used in schools are creationist in tone."  Jones then went on to say that he believed that the theory of evolution would never be weakened in European countries in the way it has been in the USA, and that it would always remain a powerful force. Referring to the position of Darwinism in Turkey, however, he added, “I am not so optimistic about Turkey,” and expressed the end of the theory of evolution.


Coming one after the other, these comments in the world press reveal the powerful global impact of the BAV and Harun Yahya’s work on the subject of Darwinism.

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