Dutch Muslim Students Are Learning The Scientific Facts From The Works Of Harun Yahya

A report titled “Anti-Evolutionism Among Muslim Students” was carried in the Autumn 2006 issue of ISIM Review published by the Dutch-based ISIM (International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World).

The report described how views opposed to evolution were very powerful among Muslim students in Amsterdam, and that this is frequently raised in the Dutch press. The article also described the influence on students of the works of Adnan Oktar, under the pen-name Harun Yahya, and contained the following statements:

In December 2004, local and national media were stirred by an incident at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. A group of Muslim students in the biomedical sciences were said to have carried out an essay assignment for the course “Man and Evolution” by uncritically copying anti-evolutionist scripts from ... sites such as www.harunyahya.com. Generally, teachers said, Muslim students did not even want to consider evolution theory.  

... Students in these disciplines [such as medicine, chemistry and bio-medical sciences] were of course aware that they were required to take some courses and exams related to evolution theory, but … many students even stressed they felt it important to learn about “Darwin’s theory” so that they could better understand, and argue with, its adherents.

... no student accepted the idea that human beings have sprung from apes. Arguments … involved questioning why apes still exist, pointing to inner and outer human-ape differences...

... Atheism was strongly refuted. All students believed in angels, djinns and devils … all students believed in Judgment Day, heaven and hell. … By emphasizing … the scientific teachings in the Quran (e.g. its references to various scientific facts and theories such as the stages of embryonic development, the distinction between salt and fresh water, the positions of the sun and moon, the composition of mountains, the source of rain, heliocentrism, the expansion of the universe, Einstein’s relativity theory, the beneficial health effects of breast milk, the digestive system of cows, the roundness of the earth, friction force, the amount of oxygen in the air etc.).

… the Muslim students I conversed with were active participants in civil society, and passionately convinced of democracy, religious pluralism, and equal gender rights.

The ISIM journal also introduced Harun Yahya’s web sites. The report in question is just one of the proofs of what a powerful effect the author’s works on the subjects of the collapse of the theory of evolution, the fact of creation and the miracles of the Qur’an are having in the world.

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