Tremendous Demand For Islamic Literature in West

On 22 June, 2002, the Khaleej Times, the largest English-language newspaper published in Dubai, devoted wide space to the Harun Yahya collection. Written by M. A. Mannan and titled “Tremendous demand for Islamic literature in West,” the report contained the following statements:

Two visiting volunteers of a Turkish non-profit organisation that has been actively promoting Islam in the West through the books written by prominent Muslim scholar, Harun Yahya, said there has been a tremendous demand for the Islamic literature in the West after the 9/11 events as people are trying to learn about the Islam and its perception on issues like terrorism and peace.

… [They] said the growing interest in Islam could be measured from the fact that the foundation"s offices were getting flooded with requests for literature, while the web sites offering Harun Yahya"s over 200 fully downloadable books and other electronic materials are attracting over a million visitors a month….

Over 150,000 visitors a month are downloading the Islamic literature available on the which has been ranked the best Islamic site on the web.

They said web sites like, www.,,, which are based on the books on Harun Yahya have been a great hit with the non-Muslims.

The report went on to state that Harun Yahya is the Honorary President of the SRF, and is the pen-name of Adnan Oktar who has penned books on topics ranging from science to politics and ethical problems. After listing in which languages his works are available, the report read:

"There is a great need to make more of his works, especially in Arabic, available in the Middle East. We are looking forward to working with publishers and organisations that are keen on promoting Islam," said [the volunteer]… He said publishers in Syria and Lebanon have published some works of Harun Yahya, but a lot needs to be done in the UAE and other parts of the Arabian Gulf.

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