The Impact Of Harun Yahya’s Atlas Of Creation In France

The daily A Voix Autre, published in Belgium, referred to the impact of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation in France in terms of “The panic behind the scenes!” and “Creationist literature has never been so powerful.” Other terms employed in the report read:

The panic behind the scenes in French education:

Following the dispatch of the Atlas of Creation to French schools, this work, totaling more than 800 pages, has now arrived at educational institutions in Brussels and Valon . . . The appearance of the work (high-quality, four-color printing) reveals itself with a desire to be the leading soldier of the most powerful troop in the midst of the struggle against Darwinism.

. . . The Turkish author Harun Yahya states that he has written this work in the name of the Qur’an. His name is by no means new in this field; he has been opposing the teaching of the theory of evolution, particularly in educational institutions, for 20 years. His Atlas of Creation was printed in Istanbul and appears to have reached a large number of readers.

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