Is The Teaching Of (human) Evolution in Danger?

The April edition of the journal Studia Bioetica, published by the European Association of Global Bioethics, carried a report titled “Is the teaching of (human) evolution in danger?” The introduction to the piece, written by Charles Susanne of Brussells Free University, contained the following comment on why the report had been issued:

“This paper has been written to study the actual links between religions and education of evolution. It does not intend to be polemic, but only to be informative. ...

In Belgian secondary schools, but also in my own university teaching, some students react to the teaching of evolution, and, more specifically, human evolution. It therefore seemed interesting to me to study these reactions and this societal problem...”

In that section of the report titled “Islam,” the author states that Europe owes Islamic civilisation a great deal for its liberation from the darkness of the Middle Ages. In that part of the report concerning Turkey, it gives the following information about Harun Yahya:

“Creationism is coming strongly back nowadays and an “Islamic Scientific Creationists and Science Research Foundation” (BAV) exists… The most active author of the BAV is Harun Yahya!”

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