A Stunning Example Of Creationism: A Turkish Book Triggers Evolution Debate

An article in the monthly journal of Liege University considered Adnan Oktar’s works on the subject of evolution and the impact these had had in various countries. The report, published in the journal on 15 May, 2007, was titled “A Stunning Example of Creationism: A Turkish Book Triggers Evolution Debate,” and the following are some of the statements that appeared in it:
“…A 770-page book introducing itself as the first volume in a series of seven, colour printed on glossy paper, well-documented, impeccable French… In short, a highly attractive book…

Laurence Bouquiaux, a professor at Liege, makes the following admission: ‘…I examined the book more closely. And I finally grasped the connection the author was making. The subject Oktar opens for debate is “Creationism and Evolution,” which he sets out in terminology unfamiliar to us. Moreover, his scientific objections do not stem from the Qur’an… He defends Creationism in the name of science … Unless we wish to experience an irrevocable counter-attack it will be as well for us to determine the point reached by the debate so far.

…Oktar gets benefit of natural science in one section of evaluations on a scientific platform. Over 500 pages he combines fossils that lived tens of millions ago and their counterparts that are alive today, and reveals that there is not the slightest difference between them. In order to hammer home the final part of the book he also adds that no mutation can be advantageous to any living thing, and that no intermediate forms exist…

… The author and many other creationists have made a slogan of the words ‘Evolution is untrue, and goes no further than being a theory’.

I showed The Atlas of Creation to my 14- and 16-year-old daughters. In their view it is most attractive and wonderfully well illustrated, and the statements it contains are crystal clear. However, they also said that the information in the book was incompatible with what they were taught in school…

In addition, I am not in favour of the censoring of books on the Internet; on the contrary, I think that students need to come to their own decision, favourable or unfavourable, about the book’s status and nature by examining it themselves.”

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