The Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Switzerland

In their view, God created everything and the theory of evolution is a hollow deception!
They want to convince the world of this.

On 2 May, 2007, Le Matin, one of Switzerland’s main dailies summarized the work setting out the fact of Creation in these terms:

Creationism is taught in schools in America! In Europe, such propaganda is well on the way: an extraordinary Atlas has invaded Switzerland!

After America, the target is now Europe and Switzerland. Creationists have succeeded in having the Bible-based belief in Creation to be taught in many South American countries to the same extent as the theory of evolution. To put it another way, students are taught the scientific facts on one hand, while on the other they are told that life may have been created by a “superior intelligence.” … This could not, of course, have been the result of chance: devout American Muslims have furnished their country with books and DVDs. According to one poll, 28% of Americans believe in the theory of evolution, while 48% believe absolutely in creation!

Switzerland is not yet at this point. According to a poll by Science magazine, it appears that one-third of the Swiss public believe in evolution! And the propaganda has long since begun. In the wake of Germany, Belgium and France, a Turkish author has sent his book to thousands of places … And this is still just the first volume! …

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