Young Norwegian Muslims Are Learning islam From The Works Of Harun Yahya

Christine M. Jacobsen’s Social Anthropology Department doctoral thesis submitted in June, 2006, bears the title “Religious identities and practices among young Muslims in Norway.” This study considered the influence of the works of Harun Yahya on young Muslims living in Norway.

The study provided detailed information regarding the works of Harun Yahya, the languages into which they have been translated, his web sites, his work on the subject of the fact of Creation, his struggle against Darwinism and materialism, and the international publishing houses with which he works. The research in question states that the religious education received from the parents largely guides religious practice of young Muslims, who increasingly seek knowledge through reading and surfing the Internet, and then goes on to say:
Internet is also how the young Muslims in Norway came to know about Yahya… Yahya’s books and films are also distributed in Norway by Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd.

… The new Islamic scientism is directed both towards non-Muslims, as a means of proving the correctness of Islam and its fundament, the Quran, and towards Muslims, as a means of reinforcing faith. The works of Bucaille and Harun Yahya are distributed throughout the world, and promoted worldwide…
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