The Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar States In His Atlas Of Creation That Darwinism Is The Source Of Terrorism

On March 1, 2007, the Belgian daily De Standaard announced to the whole of Belgium that “The Turkish creationist  Adnan Oktar states in his Atlas of Creation that Darwinism is the source of terrorism.”

The report announced that Atlas of Creation has been distributed free of charge to a large number of institutions in Europe, and provided detailed information about its contents. The following extracts from the report were especially striking:
“Atlas of Creation Surprise for Schools and Universities”
The theory of evolution continues to provoke reactions. This time the reality comes from the East. A book called Atlas of Creation has been sent, unsolicited, to various institutes in Belgium and other European countries. The book describes how Darwinism is the dark power behind such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism.

This impressive book, printed on top-quality glossy paper full of colored pictures of fossils as well as of present-day animals and plants, describes how natural selection, the foundation of the theory of evolution, is no proof for evolution and how species have never changed. Evolution never happened. Atlas of Creation has been sent to a large number of schools, universities and press organizations in Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, England and Poland in recent months.

The first books were sent to schools and libraries in Turkey in November. According to the author of the book, the aim of Atlas of Creation is to reveal the dark relationship between Darwinism and bloody ideologies such as fascism and communism… A lot of work and money would seem to have gone into Atlas of Creation. The book has been introduced and marketed with a rich budget. It weighs four kilos and is five centimeters thick. Books from the Science Research Foundation exist in dozens of different languages. These works are written by the Muslim creationist Adnan Oktar, who uses the pen name Harun Yahya in his books. This giant work consists of 700 or so pages containing impressive colored photographs and texts that reach the same conclusion on each occasion. That conclusion is when a present-day life form and a fossil are placed side by side it appears that no change has ever taken place. The author takes the view that living fossils are one of the main pieces of evidence for creation.

The Dutch biologist Marijke van Bogaert states that the message “Islam is the only solution to terrorism” has been well-packaged and set out at the end of the book after its stunning illustrations…

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