The World is Not Young, Just Unchanged: An islamic Creationist Offers His Own Take On Anti-darwinism

The Bangkok Post, published in English in Thailand, carried a report about the Atlas of Creation, headed “The world is not young, just unchanged: An Islamic creationist offers his own take on anti-Darwinism.” The paper, with a circulation of 80,000 carried a report from the 17 July, 2007, edition of New York Times which described the Atlas of Creation as “the largest and most beautiful creationist challenge yet to Darwin’s theory.” The captions to the report read:
Pages from ‘The Atlas of Creation’, by Adnan Oktar of Turkey, also known as Harun Yahya. The ‘Atlas of Creation’, which attempts to deny evolution by saying that creatures alive today look the same as creatures that lived in the past, has been turning up unsolicited in US scientists’ letter-boxes.

Pages from ‘The Atlas of Creation’, whose author, Adnan Oktar, says he wants to expose the links between the theory of evolution and modern evils like fascism, communism and terrorism.

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