A Muslim Attack On Darwin

The newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s highest selling national daily at 150,000 copies, carried a number of reports about the Atlas of Creation and its impact on several occasions.

The newspaper first published an article headed “A Muslim Attack on Darwin” on 24 April, 2007, which said:
“Wealthy Muslim businessmen state that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the source of communism, Nazism, racism and terrorism … Since the summer of 2006 an encyclopedic book full of detailed illustrations has been sent out to Europe by a publishing house in Istanbul. This book has been dispatched, free of charge, to Danish parliamentarians, scientists and high school teachers in recent months…”
A report dated 25 April, 2007, headed “Researchers Warn against a Book” again described how the theory of evolution is depicted as the source of such bloody ideologies as communism, Nazism, racism and terrorism. It said how researchers regarded the Atlas of Creation as dangerous propaganda against the theory of evolution.

In its 29 April, 2007, edition the newspaper published an article titled “God and Creation.” This described the struggle initiated against Darwin and the theory of evolution by Muslim creationism.

On 30 April, 2007, it published a report by Poul Bjerregaard of the Syddansk College Institute of Biology. This considered the panic caused by the major impact the Atlas of Creation was having on all sections of society, including the Ministry of Education. The article said:
“Impressive propaganda against the theory of evolution from wealthy circles. There are concerns that Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation may have a major impact on our education system.”
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