Darwinism, Creation Or intelligent Design

EMU is a web site that provides information and counseling for teachers and students on the subject of education in Denmark. On 17 March, 2007, the site published a document about creation and evolution by Hans Henrik Hjermitslev from the Aarhus University Steno Institute. Titled “Darwinism, Creation or Intelligent Design,” the document provided information about believers in the fact of creation in the world at large:
“The popularity of the ideas of intelligent design and creation is increasing day by day. Prepare yourselves for a revolution in education.

A document prepared by the Steno Institute asking such questions as ‘What do Darwin and Darwinism really mean? What is creation? What is intelligent design? Is intelligent design science or religion?…’

What has been found lately in Darwin’s theory? Darwinism has been in crisis for years since genetics has advanced, and the benefits of mutations, the source of natural selection, has been questioned…”
It described how besides the USA, the theory of evolution has also begun being regarded with suspicion in such countries as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Holland, Romania … It also mentioned that many politicians have proposed that Creation and intelligent design should be taught in schools. The article described how very few people attached any credence to the theory of evolution in the Islamic world, and had this to say about Turkey:
“It is now mainly creationism that is taught in schools in Turkey, not the theory of evolution … Harun Yahya’s books are now published in 51 languages across the world. The author’s Atlas of Creation, sent to professors at Aarhus University, regards Darwinism as responsible for racism, Nazism, Marxism and terrorism. The level of people in Turkey who believe in evolution stands at a mere 25%…”

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