France Enters Creationism Minefield

In its 26 March, 2007, edition The Globe and Mail, Canada’s second largest nationally distributed newspaper, carried a report titled “France Enters Creationism Minefield.” The paper, which enjoys a daily circulation of more than 320,000, the highest in Canada, described the developments taking place in the wake of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation:

With creationism now coming in Christian and Muslim versions, scientists, teachers and theologians in France are debating ways to counteract what they see as growing religious attacks on science.
An Islamist publisher in Turkey mass-mailed a lavishly illustrated Muslim creationist book to schools across France recently, prompting the Education Ministry to proscribe the volume and question the way the story of life is taught here.
The Bible and the Koran say God directly created the world and everything in it…

“There is a growing distrust of science in public opinion, especially among the young...” said Philippe Deterre, a research biologist and Catholic priest who organized a colloquium on creationism for scientists at the weekend.

With the widespread examination of Atlas of Creation in Europe the public, and young people in particular, have begun to question the theory of evolution, with which people are indoctrinated under the name of science. Depicted as an indisputable truth, the theory of evolution has been unmasked with full proof as a deep-rooted fraud, and this has contributed to increased public awareness. By proscribing the book, Darwinists and materialists, in a state of panic because of the emergence of the facts, have resorted to covering up the lie of evolution. This unease, which makes the powerful influence of Atlas of Creation crystal clear, has prepared the way for and encouraged believers in God to openly state their pro-creation views. European Christian clergy decided to support their religious viewpoint with science, as Harun Yahya has led the way with his works. These developments are described later on in the article:

These theoretical debates became a pressing issue in France last month when schools unexpectedly received free copies of an Atlas of Creation by Turkish Islamist Harun Yahya that blames Darwinism for everything from terrorism to Nazism.

Hervé Le Guyader, a University of Paris biology professor who advised the Education Ministry on the Atlas, said high-school biology teachers need more training now to respond to the increasingly open challenges to the theory of evolution.

... The ultimate origin of life is not a question science can answer, he [paleontologist Marc Godinot] said.

Creationists reject evolution because some scientists say the role of chance in it proves that life has no final meaning.

... “They are believers, as we are,” the Dominican theologian told the meeting of about 100 – mostly Catholic scientists but with a few Muslims as well. “There are Christian, Muslim and Jewish approaches that we have to respect.”

Father Arnould said the question of life"s purpose arises naturally in biology class but science cannot answer it. Instead of offering simple creationism, he said, theologians should develop views that respect modern science and faith in a divine purpose.

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