An Empire Of Turkish Creationism

Trouw (Deverdieping Trouw), one of Holland’s top dailies with a circulation of 105,000, carried a report on 26 July, 2007 headed "An Empire of Turkish Creationism." This provided a detailed account of the author’s life and referred to the impact of Atlas of Creation:

The Atlas, an expensive tome filled with propaganda against the theory of evolution, was sent free of charge to scientists, journalists and schools…

Atlas of Creation is a superbly designed book.

Weighing 6.60 kilograms and at 800 pages this stunningly attractive book is full of top quality photographs of fossils. At the beginning of this year journalists, schools and scientists in all of Europe received free copies of this book.

This was a most generous gesture on the part of the editor. Indeed, books of this kind sell for very high prices in bookstores. Then again, the book can also be downloaded free of charge over the Internet.

In the author’s view, these fossils refute the theory of evolution. The first impression is that the book might have been sent by American fundamentalist Christians. But this is not the case. It was the publishing house Global Publishing, which operates in Istanbul, that sent out the Atlas.

The author of the book is Harun Yahya, the pen-name of Adnan Oktar. This pen-name was not, of course, chosen at random. Harun (Aaron) and Yahya (John) are two prophets referred to in the Qur’an.

The English translation of the originally Turkish book is perfect. So much so that one might imagine it had been originally written in English, though it was actually written in Turkish and translated subsequently...

In addition to this work, Harun Yahya has written a number of other books opposed to evolution. He has also written many books on religious subjects, one being concerned with the second coming of Prophet Jesus...

Wikipedia states that Adnan Oktar was born in Ankara in 1956, that he later studied interior design in Istanbul and subsequently gathered a Turkish elite group of youthful supporters... The author has also written books against anti-Semitism...

Neither creationism nor the name Harun Yahya is new in Turkey…
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