Impact Of Atlas Of Creation in Germany

The German radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur, which broadcasts form Berlin, referred to Atlas of Creation in these terms in a report carried on 10 July, 2007:

Lately, the controversy between the believers in creation and believers in Darwin’s theory of evolution has really flared up. The latest attack to disprove Darwin’s theory has come with the heavy cannon “Atlas of Creation.” The Berlin daily TAZ [Berliner Tageszeitung] carried a report on this book by the Turkish author Harun Yahya – whose real name is Adnan Oktar. This Atlas first appeared in Istanbul in 2006, and was then sent free of charge to a great many schools in France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

… Cord Riechelmann in the TAZ states that Atlas represents an icon of the cultural fight for the correct science of the origin of human beings and other organisms, which, Riechelmann fears, will also be increasingly carried into schools by the Evangelicals in this country.

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