The Creationist Movement In Usa Is Now In Europe

Hamburger Abendblatt, a German newspaper published in Hamburg with a daily circulation of 260,000, said in a report carried on 11 July, 2007, that creationism in Europe had grown increasingly powerful. The report also referred to Turkey as the country in which creationism was strongest, and went on to say:

... The anti-evolution movement is now growing apace in Europe. Turkey is where the creationist movement is strongest. According to the science magazine Nature, the subject of creation has now entered biology text books in Turkey.

Research in the wake of the widespread reading of Atlas of Creation in Europe has revealed that belief in evolution is weakening and that belief in creation is spreading. The report in question, titled "The creationist movement in USA is now in Europe,” described how a debate has begun in Germany over the teaching of creation in schools.

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