Creationism In Schools

The news portal “Forskning” of the Research Council of Norway, research policy advisor to the Norwegian government, carried an extensive report concerning Atlas of Creation, titled “Creationism in Schools,” on 20 August, 2007. The report, which the biologist and science writer Erik Tunstad concluded in the words, “Many thanks for the book!” contained the following comments about the Atlas:

Three thousand copies of Atlas of Creation have been dispatched free of charge to Europe and have finally made their way to Norway. During the summer holiday the 6-kilo Atlas of Creation was sent to Oslo free of charge from Istanbul. The Turkish-based Global Publishing had previously sent copies to countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. The books have also appeared in Britain, Poland and Germany…

The 788-page enormous volume is adorned with many colors and attractively printed. Atlas of Creation bears the signature of Harun Yahya, pen name of the Turkish writer Adnan Oktar. Oktar has written a many superb books, enough to fill the last 20 pages of Atlas of Creation. His collection also includes audio-tapes and web sites. Harun Yahya and his colleagues have made Turkey the center of Muslim creationism.

Erik Tunstad continues his article, written in Norwegian, under the sub-caption “The Root of All Evils”:

We see from the preface that Harun Yahya’s ideas are based on the Qur’an. He describes how Darwin’s rejection of the fact of creation led to a loss of belief over the last 140 years, and at the same time constituted the source behind all the oppression, wars and suffering brought about by ideologies fundamentally based on irreligion; in their place, he recommends the moral values of the Qur’an…

It appears that if you do not accept the principles of Harun Yahya or of the Qur’an, peace is impossible. This means that work is required in order to oppose evolution…

Fossils confirm creation

Illustrations of fossils fill 580 pages of the book and their common feature is that they all represent evidence that evolution never happened, because the fossils are INDISPUTABLY identical to specimens alive today… Yahya says that no change has taken place. He shows how numerous fossils of insects, spiders, fish and plants are exactly the same as those living today… Immediately underneath the fossil on Page 18, for instance, has been placed a living specimen. The caption beneath states: “There exists no difference between this frog, alive 280 million years ago, and those of today.”

Hitler and Stalin

The subject matter changes from Page 584 on… This part begins, “The real ideological root of terrorism: Darwinism and Materialism.”

It describes how Darwin compared life to a sphere of conflict in which the laws of the jungle applied. There is therefore a link between Darwinism and bloody ideologies and also, according to the author, the September 11 attacks…

It sets out how mutations are statistically impossible; such as, in the same way that one cannot expect a jet plane to emerge as the result of a gale hitting a junkyard. The conclusion is crystal clear: Evolution is a deception, and everything in nature confirms Allah’s (God’s) creation.

Atlas of Creation has been sent to schools’ natural sciences departments. French biologists were completely taken aback when they received this book about creation over the winter. Science magazine stated that this was an unpleasing attack.

As the author makes clear, materialist and Darwinist scientific circles are extremely uneasy at the falsehoods underlying the theory of evolution being exposed, for the clear and easily comprehensible unmasking by Atlas of Creation of these lies related in the name of science has torn away Darwinism’s supposed scientific mask. The number of people believing in Darwinism today is falling rapidly, and what certain circles feared – the inevitable collapse of Darwinism – is actually happening.


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