A Muslim Offensive Against Darwin

TV 2, a Danish government-owned television station, carried a report about Atlas of Creation on its web site on 25 April, 2007. The Danish-language station, a member of the European Broadcasting Union, published the report under the caption “A Muslim Offensive against Darwin.” The report said:

Wealthy Muslims are critical of modern science. According to the Jyllands-Posten, a book containing detailed illustrations with very bright colors has been sent out, by way of an Istanbul publisher, from Turkey to academic circles in Europe since the summer of 2006.

Over the last months, members of the Danish Parliament, scientists and a high school have received copies of the volume, dispatched free of charge with no accompanying note. This book, titled Atlas of Creation, is 765 pages long and challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution that claims that human beings are descended from apes.

The book states that “Darwinism gave rise to various ideologies that favored violence and inflicted terrible disasters on mankind in the 20th century.

It concludes that Darwin’s theory of evolution opened the way for communism, Nazism, racism and terrorism. It also says quite openly that Islam is the solution to disputes in the world.

2007-09-17 16:56:33

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