A Campaign About To Conquer Europe

The 13 September, 2007, edition of Politiken, Denmark’s highest circulation daily, carried a report titled "An Anti-Darwinist Bombardment." The article in the paper, which has a readership of around half a million, contained the following lines about Atlas of Creation:

“An international campaign against the theory of evolution has hit Denmark. The book, which holds Darwin responsible for Nazism and terrorism, among others, weighs 6.5 kilos and is 765 pages long.

... This book, thousands of copies of which have been spread over a large part of the world as a result of Muslim creationists’ struggle against Darwin and the theory of evolution, was penned by Harun Yahya. According to the author, whose real name is Adnan Oktar, it [the theory of evolution] opposes not only belief in ‘Creation’ but Allah’s (God’s) creation itself. The Atlas ‘proves,’ with its written text and illustrations, that Darwin was mistaken. In fact, it does even more. It holds the theory of evolution responsible for Nazism, racism, communism, fascism and terrorism.

... Twenty researchers from Aarhus and Copenhagen universities, some politicians from the Danish Parliament and high schools have become the focus for the campaign being waged from Istanbul by Global Publishing and Harun Yahya. In the same way, researchers in other European countries, educational institutions and prominent citizens have also received copies of the book. And with no invoice to pay.

Niels Henrik Gregersen, a Copenhagen University professor of theology who cooperates with Muslim researchers and others, says: ‘I have never before encountered such a thing … Harun Yahya says that Darwin can be proved to have been in error by comparing fossils… In addition to other matters, he says that the subjects of belief in creation and reading of the Qur’an need to be put back on the agenda, and also holds the theory of evolution responsible for Nazism and communism...’

… Peter C. Kjærgaard, a lecturer in history of ideas at Aarhus University, states that the Muslim world has abandoned the theory of evolution. 50 percent of biology teachers in Turkey are skeptical of the theory of evolution.

As he himself says, Harun Yahya has obtained good results from his campaign, which is now apparently about to conquer Europe.

Some hundreds of his publications have been translated into such languages as Urdu, Arabic, Chinese, Serbo-Croat and Indonesian. Among these are such titles as ‘The Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity,’ ‘Communism in Ambush,’ ‘The Western World Is Turning to Allah,’ ‘The Philosophy of Zionism’ and ‘Global Freemasonry.’

In addition, there are numerous references for Harun Yahya on the Internet, DVDs based on the works of Harun Yahya, and books for children providing information about living things, such as ‘Stories for Thinking Children’ and ‘The World of Our Little Friends: Ants.’

Harun Yahya’s name appears on every one of them. According to the official facts, he was born in 1956 and studied art and philosophy at universities in Istanbul.

Mysticism mixed with rhetoric:

He set out his views on Islam to young students he gathered around him in the early 1980s… He made one of his projects at that time a reality with his book ‘Judaism and Freemasonry,’ seeking to demonstrate that the main objective of Jews and Freemasons was to undermine the Turkish people’s spiritual and religious values.

In the wake of this he founded the Science Research Foundation, and a decade ago began serious work on his campaign against Darwinism.

... The daily paper Information reported that, when telling the results of the campaign at an international press conference held last month, he also stated that he keeps pets.

... Darwin’s theories face a final defeat. With his books, Harun Yahya means to give people an instrument to help them ‘return their faith in Allah (God).’”

The caption in the article:

“Harun Yahya, the author of ‘Atlas of Creation,’ introduces himself in his own book.”


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