Atlas Of Creation In Flemish Schools

The Flemish-language daily De Standaard, which has the highest circulation in Belgium, carried a third report concerning Atlas of Creation in its 29 June, 2007, edition. This report in the paper, which enjoys a circulation of 375,000, appeared under the caption “Creationist book appears in Flemish schools” and went on to say:
“A number of Flemish schools have received ‘Atlas of Creation’ sent out to them. One technical school even received five copies. …

This impressive Atlas of Creation has also been sent to various Walloon schools and Flemish universities. The book was written by a Turkish professor, Adnan Oktar, under the pen name Harun Yahya. With his book, he questions the validity of the theory of evolution.

One part-time teacher received a copy last week: ‘They told me there was a package from Düsseldorf for me in the secretary’s office.’ When I examined it in detail I saw an enormous book, 37 x 28 centimeters in size. It is 800 pages long and 5 centimeters thick. …

Last week our school received a strange phone call from the Turkish Embassy. They wanted to know whether a number of teachers, including myself, were still teaching at the school or not. Jos Fraiponts, a technical school teacher, had also received a copy of the book. ‘I have just examined it,’ he said; ‘it has beautiful photograph answers…’”

The article in question states that Atlas of Creation contains impressive photographs, and goes on to say, under the sub-heading, “No ape-men:”
“The book rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution. The writer seeks to show this with photographs of living things today positioned underneath hundreds of photographs of fossils. It is explained that each pair is identical, for which reason no evolution ever happened. … In the Turkish author’s view, Darwinism is also responsible for the Holocaust and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001….”

2007-09-22 23:08:53

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