Darwinism And A Lack Of Human Love Are Behind All Suffering

The Danish daily Berlingske carries significant comments on its web site’s culture page. One of these in the Danish-language paper, posted on 8 August, 2007, contained the following extract from Harun Yahya’s press conference:

“‘When we look back over the recent history of the last 150 years, we see that Darwin lies at the root of all these sufferings. Have a look at what lies behind Hitler, Nazism, Marxism and Leninism, and all the blood shed by Stalin. What lies behind them is Darwinism. Darwinism and its lack of human love even lie behind the Iraq War.’

Harun Yahya is the author who bombards Danish schools and high schools with his book ‘Atlas of Creation’ via his Turkish publisher: from daily Information.”

2007-09-22 23:15:27

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